About Us

Why Choose Us

At VYRAZU LABS we believe in quality.

We are not just a company who builds website and software. We are devoted IT people who love to build applications with innovations and good architecture, and perform design as an art which represents your business online perfectly.

Being a group of IT service providers we believe in providing support back to the community by building open source applications, which help developers with the ease of development and to start from scratch.

Our Skills

Software Architecture

90% Complete (success)

Web Designing

95% Complete


95% Complete (warning)

Graphics Designing

85% Complete (danger)

Our Team

Vyrazu Team comprises of one of the best technicians in the industry. We have experienced members who have been part of big projects so you can gain alot from their experience.

C# Experts

Our C# experts work on complex .NET technologies such as WCF, WPF, Sharepoint,etc.

Java Experts

Highly qualified Java developers build hardware driven applications.

PHP Experts

PHP experts create custom architecture for custom applications.

JQuery Experts

Our developers create fluid front-end and ajax implementation.