What are SSL certificates, and why do you need them for your own website?

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What are SSL certificates

What is an SSL certificate?   The acronym SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a technique for encrypting information when it passes through the Internet, in order to guarantee that private or sensitive data always stays secure. Because of the way that the Internet is designed, when clients send private data to a site, it might actually…..

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How to do a Website Audit to know your Google Search ranking and improve it?

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How to do a Website Audit

Once you have set up your own website, it is only the first step. Don’t think your job is done! Unless your site is optimized for search engines and is designed keeping in mind SEO, it’s guaranteed to fall¬†behind its competitors. So we’re going to show you how you can perform the best SEO audit to know where you stand…..

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Here's how you can make your own app like Ola and Uber, for your taxi booking service!

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make your own app like Ola and Uber

With the booming success of Uber and Ola, several companies have already joined the competition, building their own cab service apps, and trying to make it even better, to take advantage of the prospects that this industry offers. The reason behind the tremendous success of these two companies, is the amazing taxi booking software¬†they have created, which makes calling a…..

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