How to create a multi-language store in Magento 2, a step by step guide through the entire process. ( The first steps )

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How to create a multi-language store in Magento 2

One of the most successful platforms being used by online merchants has been Magento. The chief reasons being that it is free, has great features and can be customised as per the needs of the business. Now, amongst the main objectives of an online store lies its requirement to reach out to the largest possible number of customers. If your…..

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Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin: A complete comparison to tell you which platform you should choose for your next application development?

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We live in times where there are exciting new technologies coming out on a regular basis which have ease of use, provide exciting new features and are capable of handling complex applications. In fact, there are times when one is at a loss as to which technology to choose for a particular requirement as several technologies seem compatible at the…..

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Creating a world-class software requires certain development standards that a company should follow, a must read for your next software development project.

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It is the endeavour of every organisation which desires to be a leader in its domain to be able to create products which can be placed alongside the very best in the world. This objective can only be met with success provided sufficient planning is done which is followed by meticulous execution of the plans made. It is important to…..

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Employee tracking feature of mobile apps enable service providers deliver better online services

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PAUSA has been developed keeping the interests of service providers in mind, so that they are able to provide better online services to customers. You have witnessed that this has been the common connecting thread so far. The team believed that the service providing organisations were the fulcrum on which the world of online services rotated. Moving ahead: Well, you…..

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Mobile apps developed to help service providers deliver better online services

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The last time, we had talked ( link to Blog no 6) about one of the salient features of the application, which shall be the main differentiating factor between itself and its nearest competitors. Also, having taken a contrarian approach ( link to Blog no 5 ) the team members and my friend visualised service providers to be the intended…..

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Vyrazu Lab’s latest offering in the world of 2D game development — The Last Shinobi.

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The world of gaming is truly an addictive one which has endeared itself to its legion of fans, irrespective of the age barrier. As a result there has been a proliferation of games which have been built around the mobile ecosystem. These games have been devised for platforms which cover the whole range —  Android, iOS, Windows etc. You just…..

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