Adobe’s acquisition of Magento is a shot in the arm for Vyrazu Lab’s future prospects.

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Vyrazu Labs has been a software services and product development company, servicing both domestic and international clients. An area of expertise has been consistently developing online systems which take care of user needs. There have been situations where clients have insisted on using Magento. The recent headline in the technological world – “Adobe acquires Magento” changed the dynamics of the e-commerce world. Certain clients have preferred Magento because of the following reasons: 

  • User-friendly system.
  • Scalable as per requirement.
  • Adjustability displayed to take care of needs of the user.

When requirements came from client end to use Magento, our team of developers and designers responded with businesslike efficiency. Soon enough, we were delivering systems for clients using Magento. A few notable clients for whom we developed software applications using Magento were:

    • Alfatec – Suppliers of electronic office equipment, consumables, and general office products to companies and individuals throughout the UK. 
    • Forbit – An online shopping place where you can find everything you are looking for, starting from furniture, stationery to the latest smartphones.
  • Simaaya – It is a popular ethnic wear brand with the best collection of sarees, designer suits, lehengas, and accessories. 

Adobe purchases Magento:

Adobe has been a world leader in the niche software area in which it operates. The area of digital commerce was missing from their portfolio. Adobe has spent $1.68 billion in order to acquire Magento. This deal allows them to get a strong foothold in the area of digital commerce where Magento has been a strong player. According to conservative estimates, the gross merchandise volume of Magento currently stands at $155 billion per year. 

Why did Adobe purchase Magento:

In order to stay with or possibly ahead of the competitors namely SAP, Salesforce and Oracle, it was necessary for Adobe to cement their position in the digital space. Magento was the best possible option as a couple of acquisitions in the same digital space had already been made. The main reasons for which Adobe purchased Magento are: 

  • It would help Adobe aggressively penetrate into new areas.
  • Adobe would be in a position to give customers greater value. 
  • The acquisition would help gain momentum the direction their products would take in the future.

This deal allows Adobe to penetrate the cloud based e-commerce market. Adobe also shall be having access to Magento’s existing customers who are from the mid-market level as well as from the corporate sector. Lastly, the company gets a direct entry into the online transaction space.

Possibilities of future of Magento:

Fans of the Magento community are very upbeat about the future prospects of Magento. A group of young professionals who have delivered many Magento extensions foresee the following: 

  • Magento remains open source – Magento shall remain open source and free for all users. Adobe shall gradually build up Magento customers and bring online stores who show rapid growth under the Magento Enterprise umbrella. 
  • Growth of Magento will be faster – Magento is sure to grow at a much faster rate after getting the backing of Adobe.
  • Target enterprise – Magento already has a sizeable presence in the small and medium business space. Adobe would like to target bigger corporates in addition to the existing customers. Hence, one can expect new features being added in Enterprise version,  specially to take care of the needs of the corporate user.

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