Adobe’s acquisition of Magento shall help Vyrazu Labs develop innovative and affordable solutions for the enterprise.

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Adobe was started by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in the year 1982 and since then has gone on to become world leaders in the space of digital content and applications. In recent times, Adobe has made inroads towards software development in the Internet space. Going ahead with this strategy, the company has completed the acquisition of Magento. This has helped Adobe fill a gap in its portfolio — digital commerce. Adobe did not have a presence in this area for a long time and this engagement has enabled Adobe to take on its competitors like Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce. Adobe now is better placed to develop solutions for the enterprise.

How Magento benefits from Adobe acquisition:

Magento’s release in 2008 helped transform the e-commerce market in a big way. If we are to go by statistics, says that Magento is being used by over 260000 websites and around 1000 websites are being created on a monthly basis which uses Magento. The three main reasons why diverse businesses choose Magento are: 

  • Ease of use. 
  • Flexible in meeting the needs of the user. 
  • Scalability.

Now, with so many advantages, it was expected that Magento would enjoy the benefit of the synergy created by Adobe’s acquisition. This took shape when Magento and Adobe developed an integration framework which allowed Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to receive and send data from/to Magento Digital Commerce and Commerce Order Management. Also, Adobe and Magento have trained Accenture, Sapient, EPAM, Arvato, CGI, Razorfish etc as enablers and implementation partners. The aim is to develop solutions for enterprise in the coming future.

Customer expectations from this acquisition:

The coming together of Adobe and Magento shall benefit the customer in the following ways: 

  • Integrated shopping: Customers shall be able to perform transactions anywhere and at any point in time. 
  • Personalisation: Customer gets a better personal experience in a single and cost-effective platform.
  • Innovation: Sales and marketing teams benefit immensely with advanced analytical understanding so as to meet customer needs.
  • Common Architecture: Gives freedom to customers to create unique brand experiences.

Expertise of Vyrazu Labs in Magento:

Magento has been the platform of choice for many client projects undertaken by Vyrazu Labs because of the unparalleled features it has to offer. Some of our clients for whom we have developed solutions using Magento are simaaya, alfatec and forbit. Executing these projects at our development centre has helped us gain the requisite expertise needed to develop solutions for enterprise in future. Our main aim lies in providing solutions both for businesses and customers as the coming together of Adobe and Magento has created a vast area with innumerable possibilities. The platform shall be able to deliver the best possible shopping experience with personalised shopping soon to become a reality and we at Vyrazu Labs want to build on that and move ahead. 

Get in touch:

If you are an entrepreneur planning to develop an online marketplace or need technical expertise to develop online shopping systems for your customer, do get in touch with us at Vyrazu Labs. Our Magento experts shall develop solutions tailored to your needs both in terms of fulfilling user requirements as well as budgetary requirements.