Vyrazu Labs presence in the SME sector to fuel growth as Magento gets acquired by Adobe

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Adobe has been a leader in the area of creating content, marketing, advertising and analytics. Their entry into e-commerce has been facilitated by the purchase of Magento Commerce from Permira, the acquisition being carried out entirely in cash totalling $1.68 billion. This purchase shall help in executing their plan of providing customers with a real-time experience which covers their entire digital journey. This acquisition has made its effect felt in many areas especially Magento service providers who look forward to aggressive growth as Magento gets acquired by Adobe. 

Magento Commerce:

Magento was named as a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce (Check: Source). Merchants and brands across B2B and B2C categories have been the beneficiaries of the solutions provided by Magento in cloud commerce solutions. The platform has been a consistent provider of solutions which help online merchants in combining physical and digital shopping experiences. Additionally, 

  • Magento gets active support from many solution partners, across the globe. 
  • A globally spread community which contributes actively to the development of the platform.
  • Existing e-commerce marketplace for downloading extensions of Magento.

Vyrazu Labs presence in the SMB sector:

Vyrazu Lab’s started out as a software development company providing services to clients in the domestic and international market. Acquiring competent skill in relevant domains and technologies saw them coming out with their own line of software products – PAUSA, SOCIFY, HRMS etc. Getting a foothold in the SMB sector was possible because of the execution of client projects using Magento. Some client projects where Magento was used are: 

  • Alfatec – An online store in the UK which supplies consumables, general office products etc. 
  • Simaaya – An online store which has the best collection of ethnic wear.
  • Forbit – An online marketplace where you can find almost everything under the sun.

The presence of Vyrazu Labs in the SMB sector which is in addition to the base of international clientele has been greatly aided by the expertise acquired by the development team’s use of Magento.

Future of e-commerce as Magento gets acquired by Adobe:

The acquisition of Magento by Adobe has changed the landscape of the e-commerce solution area to a large extent and more changes are expected around the corner. Let us look at the possibilities: 

Tech titans like IBM, Oracle and Shopify will come up with innovations to provide more features to their e-commerce platforms.

  • The marriage between Adobe and Magento shall give a platform for customers which blends the best of design possibilities and e-commerce tools.
  • The coming together of Adobe and Magento might give birth to a newer version of Magento which takes care of both B2C and B2B necessities.


The acquisition of Magento by Adobe has been beneficial to both the partners, the intention is to create a holistic system which gives a complete experience to the customer. This development has been welcomed by all including the developer’s community of Magento. 

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