A reliable and efficient online service providing software gives better customer experience

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Well, by now both you and I have spent a substantial amount of time together after circumstances compelled my dear friend to think of possible solutions which someone could access, when faced with the same situation as his ( Link to Blog no 1 ). The reasons, development of possible solutions, audience targeted etc have been covered previously( Link to Blog no 2 ) . There shall be more areas to cover but for today we shall be taking up one of the most striking features of PAUSA which is very essential in order to be a reliable and efficient online service provider. Customer Expectations: The aim of the service provider is to offer better options to the customer in terms of service, quality of service, response time of service provided etc. In turn, it is the right of the customer to expect a high quality of service from the service provider as he is paying for the service he receives. The market research team found out gaps with respect to the services being received by the customer ( Link to Blog no 3). These gaps have been addressed by my friend and our team members during the development of what we believe shall be a reliable and efficient online service provider, PAUSA Salient feature of PAUSA: From the very beginning, the team was clear about giving a unique experience to the customer but through the service provider. It was decided that PAUSA, which was being developed as a reliable and efficient online service provider must promote transparent transactions between the customer and the service provider. How PAUSA promotes a transparent transaction:

  • Accuracy: PAUSA has been designed in such a manner that the customer is already aware of the cost of service being incurred before requesting for the service. This ensures clarity on behalf of the service provider which makes the customer comfortable while opting for a certain service.
  • LIVE tracking facility: There is a feature in the tool which allows the geographical location of a service personnel to be tracked when he has been despatched to service a customer. This allows the customer to be informed about the latest position of the service person without any scope of ambiguity. In the journey of developing PAUSA as a reliable and efficient online service provider, this will surely be one of the most important feature.
  • Response time: As PAUSA is an automated tool, it provides the shortest possible response time to customer requests for services. As soon as a customer requests a service, the tool by itself checks the log in its database and assigns the job to the service person who is available at that moment and is geographically located nearest to the customer. This immediate response assures the customer and the subsequent actions of service person being assigned with LIVE tracking feature ensures total clarity from the side of the service provider. It was felt that a reliable and efficient online service provider should have the shortest possible response time.
  • Updation of Services: There may be cases where a service provider used to provide a type of service ( eg laundry service ) which has been presently discontinued. The automated feature of PAUSA makes changes in its software so that the latest changes are reflected in its user interface.This regular updation provides clarity to the customer who knows the latest status of service being offered by service providers. Again, here the stress has been on clarity which any reliable and efficient online service provider must account for. 
  • Keeping Promises: A customer feels cheated when services which have been promised are not delivered. If a situation arises when a service requested for might not match the expectations of a customer then the customer is immediately made aware of the situation before choosing to opt for the service. The service providers shall not promise something which cannot be delivered.
  • The next step:My friend and our team have been taking things step by step as they prepare themselves to give service providers, a reliable and efficient online service provider. The next step lies in evaluating one of the most important factors behind the development of this system — technology, but that is for later.