Why is it essential for every business to have an Android App

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Android apps.

Ever since the Android platform exploded in the market there has not been a dearth of Android Application Development activities, both by large corporations as well as small/medium enterprises.

The reasons can be traced to a culmination of factors which has made it imperative for business organizations to latch on to the Android platform.

Open source:

Android is an open-source platform and has a vast community of developers who are involved in order to support ongoing application development. This is, in fact, an opportunity for people involved in Android Application Development as they have ready access to the latest expansions which happen in the Android environment. This makes the Android environment a very attractive option for businesses and developers.


As Java is the programming language used for Android app development, it becomes very easy for Android apps to be ported to other mobile operating systems like Ubuntu, Symbian, and Blackberry. Also, Android apps can be very easily ported to the Chrome operating system also. In fact, Android Application Development has gained so much traction that even Microsoft has announced that it will create facilities so that Android apps can be easily ported to Windows 10 devices.

Customizable apps:

This is probably one of the biggest advantages of going for Android Application Development. You can design and develop customized apps for your customers which can take care of their specific needs. So, if you are in the services sector or have a product to launch, going for Android Application Development makes perfect business sense for you as you shall be able to provide your customers the best possible user experience and help retain and enlarge the scope of your business.

High return on investment:

Since the Android platform is open source and the software development kit is free, there are practically no fees involved because of licensing issues. The costs which arise are because of the costs involved in designing, developing, testing and ultimately deployment of the application. Hence, this provides a very high return as far as the investments are concerned. As ROI is a major factor for businesses who want to see figures being reflected on the balance sheet, going in for Android Application Development is a very sensible proposition. This associated blogpost talks of the benchmarks we follow in the practices of software development and project management, do have a look.

Access by multiple devices:

Android is the platform of choice for many devices starting from Tablets, Cameras, Video Game players, Smart TV’s and of course last but not the least — smartphones. So all these are platforms by which applications can be developed and each of these applications can in turn target a particular customer segment, which has very specific requirements. This has been a motivation for businesses as they know that their target audience will be well taken care of.

We, at Vyrazu Labs have been actively involved in the area of Android Application Development, having developed scalable applications for businesses from different sectors. So, if you do have any requirement on this count, please feel free to get in touch with us FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.

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