Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin

We live in times where there are exciting new technologies coming out on a regular basis which have ease of use, provide exciting new features and are capable of handling complex applications. In fact, there are times when one is at a loss as to which technology to choose for a particular requirement as several technologies seem compatible at the same time.

Well, it might be that you have faced this situation previously, so let us have a look at the comparison between– Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin. Let us have a look at them from close and I shall leave it up to you to choose the one which is most appropriate for your needs.

Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin: The war begins!

Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin: Angular

Angular is an open source software engineering platform which is used for building user interfaces. It functions by integrating HTML codes and application modules thereby forming a framework. It is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture and helps in building rich web applications. The main benefits of using Angular can be summarised as:

  • Simple Architecture:

AngularJS development involves a simpler design architecture and is thus easier for developers to work on and perform enhancements. Also, it works efficiently with complex web applications.

  • Nice user interface:

AngularJS uses HTML to define apps UI. The app development becomes simpler as HTML is used. As AngularJS is written in JavaScript, HTML acts as a support which enhances overall performance of applications written in AngularJS.

  • Increased developmental efficiency:

Creating new web apps with AngularJS is easy and requires much less time and effort. The coding required is much less as compared to other compatible technologies. Thus coders can also focus on other aspects also while coding.

  • Two-way Data Binding:

Data binding is one of the main attractions of AngularJS. Data movement between model and view happens very efficiently. This in fact helps AngularJS build effective web applications.

  • Improvement in server performance:

Angular is able to reduce the burden from server CPUs as it supports caching. Server performance is greatly enhanced as there is a reduction in traffic.

To carry on the Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin comparison, let us have a look at the characteristics of React Native.

Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin: React Native

What began as a hackathon effort in 2013 in response to the needs of the developer community gave birth to the development of the React Native framework.

  • Development community:

As React Native is a framework created by FaceBook with the active support of the development community, it has the bench strength of enthusiastic, active JS and native developers who are forever ready to share knowledge and expertise thereby staying as a huge support system for coders who use this technology.

  • Reusability of code:

The same piece of React native code can be used while being deployed on iOS and Android. It thus acts as a huge saver, both in terms of development time and cost.

  • Live Reload:

React Native has a very interesting feature, which is known as the Live Reload. This enables you to immediately see the result of the latest change that you made to the piece of code.

  • Mobile effectiveness:

The architecture of React Native is very well suited for mobile devices. Native platforms are basically CPU intensive whereas React native makes use of the GPU which is the Graphics Processing Unit. Also, if we compare with hybrid technologies, React Native is simply much faster.

  • Modular architecture:

The modular interface makes it easier for coders to get into some other project and build upon it. This results in increased flexibility making it easier to create updates to existing web applications. All of this leads to saving on time and effort while developing applications.

Well, this discussion between us shall remain incomplete if we don’t have a look at Xamarin and its advantages in the context of Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin. You can have a look at this related blogpost where a detailed comparison has been made between native and hybrid apps.

Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin: Xamarin

Well, it shall be interesting for you to know that developers who are into Xamarin say that it gives a complete package. It provides an almost native user experience and a bulk of its code can be reused. Also, it has an ever enlarging number of Xamarin developers who want to take advantage of its features, as mentioned below:

  • Native user interface:

There are many users who prefer an application with a native design. Xamarin Studio helps to code with C#, thereby providing the benefits of native user interface and a native app performance. Code can be shared with ease across different operating systems like iOS, Android etc and it also helps in shortening the product development life cycle.

  • Shared app logic:

As you have seen above, code sharing is easy with Xamarin. This makes it a very much in demand platform for cross-platform mobile development.

  • API Integration:

Using Xamarin, developers can combine the same APIs, UI controls which are used used for developing Android, iOS etc application in their respective platform specific programming languages like Java, Swift etc.

  • Benefits of using C#:

C# is basically a modernised version of C++ and is object oriented. It allows even basic data types to be treated as objects. It’s type safe feature helps prevent type errors which can result in erroneous behaviour of programs.

  • Rapid Mobile app development:

Businesses prefer cross-platform development over native development in order to speed up the process of development at a price which is not too expensive. Xamarin not only fulfills this requirement but also helps in reusing 100% of the code. This ultimately makes the development process easier and faster.

Well, what began as a discussion on Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin and its uses has led us to see the advantages of each of them. Now, what happens is that each comes with its own strong points and advantages. Also, the selection of the technology is heavily dependent on the application being developed. So, you shall have to choose the technology amongst Angular vs React Native vs Xamarin in such a way that it serves you need best.

Our organisation has been at the forefront of developing applications using React Native and AngularJS. So, if you have any requirement on this area kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experts shall be more than happy to devise solutions for your specific needs.

Well, I hope you liked going through this post. Kindly do not hesitate to give your suggestions on ways to make this engagement more meaningful. Also, do let me know if there are any topics which you would like to see being featured over here.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

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