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The government and the citizens are looking forward to technology that will help society deal with pollution. There are applications of air quality monitoring systems. Forecasts of air quality in a particular area. As well as apps for air pollution that highlights and reports on risks associated with rupturing the quality and other such concerns.

After the night of Diwali, we could all see the pollution highlights of the Indian Capital. Our company Vyrazu Labs, decided to publish this document. On pollution and the apps that help to track and tackle pollution. The evening right after Diwali was quite alarming for Delhi. The air quality(AQ) of Delhi was reported to be “hazardous” and “severe”. 

On the contrary, we have been assured that this year it was not as bad as last year. Looking at the condition of the air concerns us all. hence we will have to develop apps that limit exposure to the outside air. Or when we should wear masks to protect ourselves from the poisonous air above us.

These developments are land-based measurements, satellite images, units and sensors monitored by the government. These apps will track pollution across multiple cities and countries. When we will have successful apps with different unique features. We will be opening up space for humanity to save themselves for severe damages.  

What happened in China, when Ma faced the Government

Let me share a short story about the environmentalist called Ma Jun. The interesting fact about this story is he managed the capital. For an app that is actually helping the population of China. When Ma confronted the influential factory owners in the court, it was tough but the battle demanded a win.

So, Ma won over the factories threatening the environment. The government was concerned. About the angry crowd who demanded answers for pollution growth. Hence when Ma asked for the water pollution data made public. The government was already collecting real-time emission data from the factories. 

The government not only agreed to give him all the data, but they also offered capital for his app. Utilizing the data, Ma’s Institute of Public and Environment Affairs(IPE) developed an app for air pollution. The users will be able to see every hour. If a power plant or factory near their residential area is violating any standards of air pollution.

By using this app for air pollution. After this app was launched in China three million people installed this app. In this app for air pollution for indicating violation, a red square appears on a map. This data can also be shared on the accounts of the local environment agency’s account in Sina Weibo. 

This is a social media channel forked from Facebook and Twitter by the Chinese. At first, IPE addressed numerous multinational companies like Gap, Uniqlo, and Apple. Ma said, from the 29 companies that they contacted 28 agreed to act on this issue assuring IPE. Now that IPE has water pollution data.

Insight on the enterprises owned by the state. This means that steel companies and coal-fired power plants can be kept a check on if they go overboard with pollutants. The data present in the app is monitored by the government. Hence, the threatening calls don’t affect this organization. 

Applications of air quality monitoring system

There are a few apps that are the best apps for air pollution. These apps make sure that whenever there is an issue it notifies you. However, there are many apps, with different functionalities that we will discuss in a bit. Before that, we have to understand where we stand in the environment.

Well to answer this, I would say we stand underneath a sheet of black cloud. These black clouds won’t rain down on us but ruin our lungs and limit our breathing. We should all take an initiative to treat this concern and live a healthy life. 

Let’s look at the apps that don’t pollute, but finds a way to indicate the upcoming dangers.

  1. Air Matters  


    This is one of the best apps for air pollution. It is available in both Android and iOS versions. Air Matters has a uniques feature which is to connect with AQ monitors like Air Purifiers and Laser Egg. Apart from providing the AQ data, you will be able to continuously monitor indoor AQ.

    This app will also provide you with AQ data on wearables like Apple Watch. This app provides you with pollution, pollen alerts, a detailed AQ map from across the world. When you use this app you will not only be able to carry the report with you even though you are not traveling with your phone. 

  2. Air Quality by Plume Labs

    Untitled design 4

    This app is present in both iOS and Android. This app for air pollution is very effective. It shows you a line view of AQ in the city as well as real-time indices and concentration of NO2, O3, PM 10 and PM 2.5. This app for air pollution shows you a yearly average and also displays the “best” and “worst” day of the year depending on the AQ.

    There is an algorithm that helps to show the AQ forecasts for 24 hours in an hourly representation. It also has a feature that lets the app to show the historical data on the quality of air. This app has an environmental AI that tells you the best time of the day. This indication helps you to determine when you should what activities for breathing a safer air when you’re outdoors. 

  3. Air Visual 

    Untitled design 8

    This app for air pollution uses interesting cards for displaying the air quality in the region across the world. This app has a real-time map along with real-time earth like view feature. The data gathered from a particular city lists the source of the data. This feature no doubt is an excellent turn of events for the AQ apps as it comes clean. This app for air pollution is present in Android as well as iOS.

  4. BreezoMeter Air Quality Index  

    Untitled design 9

    The BreezoMeter gathers AQ from official air quality monitoring stations, satellite, and government sensors from all over the world. This app for air pollution uses big data for collecting this information. This is one of the best apps for air pollution. It provides a high-resolution interface with recommendable insights.

    This app for air pollution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for gathering accurate data in real-time, pollen data and street-level air quality. BreezoMeter also provides you with the daily weather forecast and the pollen concentration.

  5. Air- SAFAR 

    Untitled design 7

    This app for air pollution was developed by the team of Air Quality and Weather forecasting and Research(SAFAR). Under the Union Ministry of earth sciences, this is an app for air pollution. It is a reliable app for accessing government data on AQ. By using this app you will be able to check the data for Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Pune. This app is also available in Marathi, Gujarati, and Hindi which opens it up to a wider audience. 

How will we help you with such a development?

As we are a leading software company we will be able to help you in such development on apps for air pollution. When it comes to recording data on the environment it is essential to gather the necessary data from the official weather forecasting services. If you can bring us the necessary data, we will be able to develop the app that you need.

This development is not only about making money as well as about keeping human life safe. The development of apps for pollution has to go under a series of technologies. An app for air pollution can have big data, the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other such technologies. This app development needs to be precise and without errors. Hence, we will do it for you. 


I hope you got the information that you were looking for on apps for air pollution. If you think that I might have missed out on something you can mention that in the comments or leave feedback. If you think that you are ready to make the development don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you over any given issue that you face regarding technology. 

When it comes to this kind of app development it has to be done using a lot of data that can be hard to gather. But, as you launch your app you can be sure that people are going to download your app. There are people who are in need of knowing the weather hazards that are set their way. As we are based in India we don’t charge as much the western countries do, hence it’s a fair trade. What say?

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA