Attendance features of Human Resource Management software

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HR Management Softwares were designed when it was seen that maintaining physical records of HR activities was becoming an impossible task with organisations growing in every dimension. I am sure that you also have felt the same while dealing with HR related activities in your company. It was during such times that you must have felt the need for something that would do the job efficiently while staying within the limits of your budgetary allocation.

Human Resource Management Software: 

HR Management Softwares came into place to aid Human Resource professionals by automating the HR functions which ultimately had a much bigger impact on the operations of organisations. The areas where  HR Management Software can positively impact your organisation are: 

  • Recruitment and training.
  • Performance and quality management.
  • Financial management of employee schemes.
  • Human resource policy.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Remuneration and benefits.    

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Attendance feature of HRMS:     

One of the most important features of a HR Management Software is the Attendance management subsystem. In your organisation also, attendance of employees is surely one of the most simple yet important areas of HR function. Actually, registering of attendance becomes important as this has an effect on an employee’s leave availability, salary calculation, productivity etc. Salary in turn affects the cost of an employee while productivity of an employee has a direct correlation to his growth in an organisation which is a part of the appraisal process.  

Case Study: 

We shall consider the Attendance feature of HRMS, a HR Management Software developed by Vyrazu Labs which is hosted on Enterprise

The attendance system comprises of two subsystems: 

  • Attendance sub system.
  • Timesheet sub system. 

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When an employee logs in to the HRMS to register his/her attendance, the attendance page opens where there is a provision for the user to register his In Time. Once the highlighted button is pressed the system automatically accepts the time and registers it in the system. A user can punch in the Out Time only after his In Time has been registered. The system has been so designed as an employee cannot exit an office without entering it, so his In Time has to be registered first.  

The timings registered during Punch In and Punch Out are automatically fed into the Timesheet subsystem.The Timesheet subsystem displays the attendance activities of an employee monthwise. It displays the time of entry, time of exit, total working hours of each day, overtime – if an employee has put in extra work after official working hours and space for comments – if an employee wants to pass on a message to HR or his superior. 

Besides the Attendance feature, this HRMS tool is capable of automating the following processes:    

  • Payroll management.
  • Attendance management.
  • Leave management.
  • Employee management.
  • Appraisal management.        
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