Automation of services help in developing PAUSA as a reliable online service provider software

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The aim of developing PAUSA was to provide a reliable online service provider for organisations who provide service for customers. ( Check up on this link to see how it all started Blog no 1 ). In this journey, my friend and our team members have faced many obstacles but have pursued the cause with tenacity in the hope of achieving the objective. You have been a wonderful co-traveller in this expedition as you have seen and felt from close quarters what all they have had to go through. Having said that, the entire team is quite optimistic that they would be able to come up with a reliable online service provider so that service providing organisations can better their services to their customers.

Inferences from market survey:

During the course of the market survey (Link to Blog no 3) it was found that there were some systems which were operating in the same space and there was something common amongst all of them. The common thread which binded almost all the tools together was their customer centric approach. The main focus area of these tools were the customers and the service being provided to them. Consequently, all efforts were directed at maintaining and improving the level of service being delivered to customers.

Why service Providers are Important:

The team decided to have a contrarian approach while developing PAUSA as a reliable online service provider. Instead of focussing on customers and being just another addition to the already crowded space of customer servicing tools, they decided to focus on another aspect of the whole system. It was decided to make organisations who provide service to customers or “service providers” as the main focus area. As a consequence, starting from the design phase of the tool itself, service providers remained the core audience. Well, why did they have this approach? It was felt that if the needs of the service providers were addressed, it would mean that they would be able to provide better service. This would automatically translate into customers receiving a higher quality of service and would keep both service providers and customers satisfied. It would also fulfill the aim of developing PAUSA as a reliable online service provider.

Automation of business of service providers:

The keypoint of PAUSA was to automate the service provided by service providers. This was achieved by automating the entire process, starting from order request till order execution. The mode of operation was such that when a customer requested a particular service, plumbing for eg — all he had to do was to send a request to the service provider through the tool. Now, let us assume that the service provider is unavailable, so the tool by itself will do the following: 

  • Accept the customer service request.
  • Allocate the request to the service person nearest to the customer after referring to its database.
  • Keep track of the service person who has been assigned the task of servicing the customer.
  • Display the transactional details after the service person has given the service to the customer.
  • Update the system with details of the transaction thus generating a status update.

Benefits for service providers:

PAUSA was designed and developed as a reliable online service provider ( Just have a look at this, link to Blog no 1 to know why it became necessary to devise such a solution) to automate the services being provided to customers. The functionalities of the system has been discussed previously ( link to Blog no 4 ). The automated features provided by the tool has been discussed in details. The entire team behind its development is of the view that a reliable online service provider will benefit the service providers in a big way because of the following reasons:

  • An automated system shall allow a service provider to generate business even if he is unavailable.
  • The system keeps track of all transactions including providing a status update after service.
  • The system ensures clarity of transactions ( specially financial ) as all costs of services and replacements are clearly mentioned.

The journey continues:

As we move ahead in covering our journey of coming up with a reliable online service provider, a lot of ground remains to be covered. Let us see what the future holds for us.