Human resources are the most precious form of resource which an organization possesses. An organization can only survive and grow if it is able to take care of and nurture this costly resource. As a consequence, organizations routinely undertake numerous activities whose sole focus is the proper management of these resources. All these can be easily managed with HRMS by Vyrazu Labs.

There is a possibility that you shall not differ from me if I say that proper management of human resources is a very important activity for organizations of all sizes but takes a completely new dimension for businesses that fall in the small and medium range.

If you observe closely, you shall see that all organizations, irrespective of size undertake the following activities in order to manage human resource activities. The only difference between large corporations, small and medium enterprises is the scale of these activities. Large corporations can afford to have well-defined processes and structures whereas in the case of small and medium enterprises there might be cases where there is an overlap of activity areas between employees.

Before we both go deeper into the technical aspect of things, let us have a look at the activities which companies undertake for managing human resource activities:

  • Recruitment:

This is the process of screening and hiring candidates in order to fill up a vacant position based on hiring needs and skillsets. This in turn is dependent on forecasting methods that determine the number of hires, based on budgeting, short term, and long term goals of the company. This is one activity that I am sure you would like to do diligently, as hiring an undeserving candidate proves to be counter-productive for the company in the long run.

  • Orientation:

Employee orientation programs are designed to groom the new hires into understanding the company culture and how they can align themselves with the objectives, goals of the organization. This helps the new employee to know his exact job role, responsibility, and the relationship of his position with others in the organizational hierarchy.

  • Employee remuneration and benefits administration:

This involves deciding on the annual remuneration which an employee is entitled to which includes the fixed and variable parameters, perquisites, deductions, etc. At the same time, you shall have to take care of the benefits which an employee is entitled to at the time of his exit from the organization. This in turn is dependent on factors like age, terms of employment, etc.

  • Performance Management:

You might be having first hand experience on the importance of judging the performance of your employees. All employees are not equally talented or equally productive, yet it is important that for the purpose of the organization, talented people are groomed to take up leadership positions while non-performers are allotted training programs. This is done by measuring the performance of each employee with respect to his responsibilities and outputs in an unbiased manner.

  • Training and development:

Continuous training and re-skilling of employees in order to improve employee performance is a major thrust area of organizations. This is in fact important for new joiners who need to be imparted the training necessary in order to be productive for the organization.

Do go through this piece for the best practices in Human Resource function, which is relevant even in recent times.

  • Attendance management:

Maintaining the attendance of employees is a must for all organisations as there are a number of functions which are dependent on this — salary, performance benefits etc. There are several biometric systems in place these days which ensure that the attendance of employees is registered in an accurate and fair manner.

Well, you see we have just touched some of the necessary practices of Human resource management. These are very essential from an organisational point of view and in the absence of automated processes there is no other option but to perform the activities manually. Yes, before you say anything, I am totally in agreement with you that it is going to be a cumbersome and tedious job. Also, these activities have to be repeated at frequent intervals of time which make it all the more mundane.

Now, it might interest you to know that there are softwares available which can take care of all the processes as mentioned above. They are designed to automate all of the above mentioned activities.

We have designed and developed an HR software named HRMS which takes care of all processes and functionalities of HR-related issues. In fact, it can be customized as per your specific requirements. Sounds great — right?  

The most important feature of HRMS is that it has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of SMEs and can rightfully be called an HRMS for small and medium enterprises. Now, what do these so-called hrms for small and medium enterprises have to offer for customers like you? Do have a peek at this article where the connection between HRMS and SMEs have been explored.

The first and foremost thing is that our hrms for small and medium enterprises is a cloud-based HRMS software that incorporates the latest in technology to allow multiple simultaneous usages. Additionally, the latest encryption technologies ensure that user data is protected and secure. The following link has more on this topic, enjoy your reading Cloud Computing and HR.

From a functional point of view, our hrms for small and medium enterprises automate the following functionalities with ease and is capable of report generation of required information when required. Our hrms for small and medium enterprises have been designed keeping a modular approach in mind. The tool is capable of automating the following processes:

HRMS can manage:

  • Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Benefits administration 
  • Payroll management
  • Performance management
  • Employee management
  • Leave management
  • Appraisal management
  • Report generation

This blogpost might be of interest to you, so have a read.

Additionally, our hrms for small and medium enterprises have served the purpose of corporates so, if you have any requirements on this count feel free to get in touch with us.

Automation of HR functions has been a huge blessing as it saves a lot of time and cost which would otherwise have been spent doing mundane and repetitive things. But, it is not always that every HR software serves the purpose, so choosing an appropriate tool that takes care of your exact requirements is also equally important. Our hrms for small and medium enterprises have met with its fair share of success, having been implemented in many SMEs for whom we have customized our services in order to cater to their requirements.

Lastly, before I wind up, hope our hrms for small and medium enterprises are able to take care of your requirements. Also, do give me feedback on this piece of text and if there are any suggestions from your end in ways to improve this piece of the conversation, we happen to have between ourselves.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA