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In this age of technology when everything is moving forward, so should we. Clarke foresees that ‘the internet of things(IoT) will shorten the mobile phone revolution. Wearables are one essential aspect of this.’ In this instance, we all should buckle up and start devising our knowledge of apps for better use. This article talks about the 10 best apple watch apps that you can use.

This article will also revolve around the development of the best apple watch apps. If you are interested you can read the entire article. Or just read about the 10 best apple watch apps right after this introduction. We at Vyrazu Labs have developed the best Apple Watch Apps. Those products have really stood out and helped our clients make their clients happy.

There are so many apps to choose from when it comes to the best apple watch apps. But as it is a new development it will still take time to make progress. However, the existing apps are quite useful themselves. Let’s take a look at the 10 best apple watch apps. That will not only amaze you but also make you want to download the best apps for apple watch in 2020. 

The 10 best apple watch apps

There are so many apps that can be included in the list. But, I have made sure that this list consists of the top apps for apple watch 3 and above. Let us look at the list of the best apple watch apps, that will help you on the go. 

Carrot FitBest fitness apps for apple watch 2020

Carrot Fit is a fitness app that makes you a 7-minute workout. Carrot AI through your speed. It includes interesting techniques, like “Celebrity Face Punches” and “Dragon Mating Dances”. Best fitness apps for apple watch 2020 can go to this app. It has gone that extra mile for its customers, to motivate them to exercise every day. When you start working out your apple watch can become a heads up display. The exercise that you will be doing is known to you and the progress will be clear. If you are tired you can take a break than lose your breath exercising.

Things 3– one of the best apple watch apps  

This can be considered to be one of the best apps for the Apple watch. This app allows you to schedule your to-do list according to your day. After you are done with a task that gets ticked off. When something else comes up it pops up in the app so that you can go ahead and complete it.

ESPN– Best apps for apple watch 2020

Are you sitting in a family gathering wondering about the score of your favorite game? Then don’t worry. Just browse into the ESPN app that will provide you with the scores of the ongoing match. It is just one of the best apple watch apps that can amaze you in 2020. It will also show you the latest news, breaking news, and alerts on the same. If you are a sports person you should not miss it for the world. Now that ESPN is available on apple watch using it is more convenient and easy.

Carrot Weather– best apps for apple watch 202

The Carrot series have taken it on another level when it comes to weather apps. This app not only tells you about the scorching heat and the thunder spells. But it also has a smart AI that makes jokes when it is pouring or hailing in the neighborhood. Isn’t it fun to have an AI control your app for making smart choices? 

Strava– best apps for apple watch 

Strava is one of the best apps for Apple watch. It introduced the GPS tracker and cycling on the Apple watch. The distance that you traveled is pinned in the app for your convenience. When used in real life the results were relevant and reliable. On the contrary, the live pacing is not stable and there is no live segment data present in the app yet.

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Image Credit- App Store(Strava)

Just Press RecordBest recording apps for apple watch

This is one of the best recording apps for Apple watch. Just Press Record provides you with one-click recording. You will be able to record audio, stop the recording. After you are done recording the app will sync the recorded media to the cloud. When you use your iPhone app for the same it will transcribe the entire audio in a written format. This app not only helps you record audio but it also helps you to get a script of the entire audio as it is synced in the cloud.

Rules– Best game apps for apple watch

When you have downloaded this app. It will require you to learn the different rules of the mini-challenges. After you are done reading the rules you will be able to play the games according to those rules. After you have read the rules you will have to tap the card that best suits the situation.

This might seem easy to you at first, but as you progress it plays with your mind and confuses you. After playing multiple rounds, you will be playing a heap of rules in your head. Like tap ascending, no animals, reds if you see green, etc. When you have it in your subconscious that one wrong tap will end your game.

iTranslate Converse– Best apps for apple watch 2020

The iTranslate Converse will make it easy for you to move around anywhere in the world. When you have a technology that helps you to talk with the natives. It makes the entire contentment so much more pleasing.

You will be able to choose the language that you prefer for translation. This app will also help you translate words directly when it is being spoken by someone else. So, if you land in the middle of nowhere and there is no one who understands you, your apple watch has got your back.      

PCalcBest calculator for apple watch 

The calculator app was not featured on the Apple watch previously. Until watch OS6 was released there seriously were no apps for calculating in apple watch. This, however, is a good alternative for Apple’s own app. It has a brilliant interface and built-in conversations for values. You will be able to use the digital crown to adjust converted values or numerals that are to be converted.

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Image Credit- App Store(PCalc)

CheatsheetBest apps for apple watch

There are several unimportant things that cross our mind the entire day. And often we forget the important things, that is when we will use this app. Cheatsheet will allow you to store all the necessary information that you have to remember. Suppose you have a new mobile number, the office wi-fi password, the keys to your apartment, etc.

All the items that you enter will have their own icons. So that it is easy for you to search it out. This makes the notes easy to spot and set items to appear on your watch as an item to be recognized. If you purchase one of the in-app purchases. That will help you to unlock iCloud sync and other facilities for the iOS app. 

Why Apple Watch?

Apple Watch has plenty of benefits that will make you use it. Apple watch is being accepted by the population, as it is convenient and easy to carry. Hence, we have to focus on creating an app with an amazing user interface and experience. At present, there are plenty of ‘best apple watch apps while you have to ensure that your app exceeds the current apps. While we are talking about wearables one thing is certain that it is going to have a great impact on society and make life easier.

The long battery life of apple watch 

Apple watches OS is no doubt one of the best gadgets. That will help the society to communicate without even having to use their hands. The battery back of the apple watch is 18 hours. If you have a long and tough day, you can be sure that your apple watch has your back.

This means you will be able to access any apps without thinking about the battery running out. When you are going on trips or prolonged meetings you need a constant pal to be at your services. This is the time when the best apple watch apps will provide you with the necessary task that you need to complete. As well as pull you out of tough situations without being dead.

Apple Touch 

Touch is the next best thing that Apple has introduced. It helps you to formulate intimate and intuitive messages taking the form of glyphs. Apple says that you will not have to speak when accessing this facility. The digital touch is spontaneous and enjoyable.

It can also be connected with other iWatch users. The digital touch of apple watches has three forms: the sketch, heart sharing, and tap. Touch is responsible for changing the way users commute. With apps like Viber, Facebook, Evernote, and even Whatsapp. 


There is no doubt in saying that Siri is the reason any iOS device exceeds your expectations in terms of performance. Siri makes your experience hands-free by using the microphone. It gives you voice commands so that you can follow them to reach your destination.

Not only that you will be able to type texts, automatically type messages, email, play music and other facilities provided by the runtime functions. The apps that have Siri have access to helps generate auto-notifications for users. To reach cafes, guide them to an event, book a cab for them and so on and so forth. 

Native App integration 

The developers will be able to integrate native apps on your apple watch. You will be able to add as many native apps as you want. We have already seen the array of mini-games that are directed the apple watch’s way. Speaking of which if you want to develop apps for apple watch check out our apple watch development for getting a quote that suits you.

Third-party customization  

If you have an app idea you can use SDKs to create it and later dispatch it to App Store. This means that customization option modules with anything you prefer. This aspect definitely makes the developers happy. When it enters the arena of app development for the best apple watch apps, you can develop any kind of application. Maybe something as big as a food ordering app. Once you get a chance to get into this arena you will be among the big players as this technology is here to stay.

IBM’s initiative to include business apps in Apple watches

IBM is one of the big players in the technology industry has great plans to accomplish in the Apple Watch OS. The tie-up between Apple and IBM makes it clear that IBM has bigger plans for this technology. They are developing an app called the hospital RN app. Here the nurses can use the apple watch to receive push notifications. Up to date a patient’s healthcare needs.

There is another app called the Field to Connect. That deals with information about weather, power outages, any set of issues that might impact the field technicians. These notifications will land staring in the users’ apple watch.

We are still in the initial stages of development for this industry. Hence, the first batch of apps that IBM has released is not sufficient. These apps act like iPhone or iPad apps without behaving like an apple watch app. These apps don’t surprise the users who used iPhones or iPads as they are no stand-alone features.

Fortune’s Stacy Higginbotham reported that IBM is planning to make a comeback with a lot more than fitness trackers. They are planning to introduce the best apple watch apps for businesses. This will be a way to keep tabs on the users’ employees. From the data gathered from these devices. The user can find out patterns about how certain teams operate and work with each other.


I hope you enjoyed this blog on the best apps for apple watch 2020. If you feel that I might have missed out on something, don’t think twice to leave a comment or feedback. If you want to make an application that can be called in the list of best apps for apple watch 2020, contact us. We being a leading software company we will help you unite with any technical requirements you have.

When it comes to the best apps for Apple watches everyone is eager to know what’s new. And what they can install in their apple watch to stay in trend. If you think that this will give you a good business then you should start thinking. About your own development that will fit the apple watch app’s category.  Apple Watch apps remind us of iPhone apps, did you know about the new iOS 13 release and all its features? If not, then check out the features of the iPhone 11.    

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