The best GST app: check out now the best 10 GST apps to solve any tax-related issue

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The Goods and Service Tax or GST as we commonly know is complex to understand. GST was launched in 2017, it replaced 18 indirect taxes overall. This is very confusing for business owners as there is a lot to understand while dealing with GST. It is a multilevel taxation system, as GST is imposed at every step of the production process. However, these charges are refunded to all the stakeholders in the different steps of production leaving out the final consumer. 

GST is levied on the consumption, not the area from where it originated. The Goods and Service Tax has been separated into five different tax blocks i.e.- 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. GST claimed to reshape the 2.4 trillion dollar economy, it also received criticism but managed to exist on the propagandist ideas. In contrast, we at Vyrazu Labs have researched on gst app that will be best in the market and will help you in filing, calculating, getting updates, among other facilities.     

Research on the best gst app  

We have thoroughly researched through the gst app that exists in the market to understand which one will be the best gst app for merchants as well as consumers. We have collected these apps by looking through almost 250 apps in the Google Play Store when I was conducting the research. App Store, on the other hand, doesn’t have that many apps, only the basic apps that can be used to calculate GST. The list given below will have the play store links, with the available App store links for similar apps. 

Top 10 GST apps For Calculation and Information 

The apps listed below have varied usability that you can choose according to your needs.

  1. GST Connect 

    This gst app will help you in many ways as it offers multiple features for better functionality of the app. This is an offline gst app that will provide information on GST, CGST, and IGST even though you don’t have an internet connection. This app is indeed versatile, as it has different functionalities like showing the GST articles, GST Query, GST News, GST Rules, GST Notifications and Circulars on CGST, IGST, SGST, and UTGST.    

    Using this gst app you will also be able to search for HSNS code and SAC code. This app will also help you find GST rate finder, and access the rate list for services developed for all the consumer goods. This app is only available in Android, while in the app store there is a similar app that will provide you with the rates, articles, MCQs, Newsletters, etc. on GST.  

  2. GST Press

    If you have this gst app on your phone, you will be able to learn how to perform basic functions such as filing returns both online and offline, choosing the composition levy, registering your digital signature, among other operations. This gst app has a smart search. Here- without worrying about a typo you will be able to conduct a search on topics like news, schedules, acts, circulars, and notifications.
    You will also be able to share subsections that you copy in the clipboard. This gst app will send live notifications on the news and latest updates, you will also be able to see videos on the same. This app is present in both Android and iOS operating systems.   

  3. GST Calculator

    This GST Calculator app helps you to calculate the GST values with custom rates that are available for GST. This is not only a GST calculator but also a general calculator to make the processes easy. If you are evaluating the rates in this calculator you will also be able to copy and share the same. In this gst app, you will be able to get the rates of IGST, CGST, and SGST alike. This app is also available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store for consumer benefit.

  4. Vyapar

    Vyapar is among the best GST billing apps, that will help you to create invoices and bills. This app is used for deploying invoices, billing, estimates, expense, inventory, and accounting to your customers. This app also behaves as a Billing software, replacing the traditional methods.

    While this app helps you to create invoices and bills, it also enables you to send the same to your desired contacts. In this app, you will also be able to see your business records in the invoice maker. With this app, you will be able to create, share and print GST invoices from your mobile, check and generate month-wise or year-wise sale invoices, and you can replace your account books with this GST billing app.

    This app will also help you to maintain your daily expenses, maintain sales and purchases with the Sale Record software, and use it as an expense tracker- all form your mobile phone.  This app is known by different names due to the cultural diversity of India. This is available for Android devices, while a similar app called the GEN GST is available on iOS devices.
  5. GST Return Filing, Rate Finder, e-Way Bill

    This gst app is for you to access the GSTN Portal, all GSTR guides, important return filing Dates, Press releases, and daily news and notifications on the updates. With this app, you will also be able to get the e-way bill guide, rate and HSN-SAC finder, composition schemes, videos, and the best GST books and Software in the free version. The paid version includes GSK-GST Suvidha Kendra, e-way bill generation, portal, and E-way billing messaging.

    Along with these features, you will also get, the GST Acts, Laws, and Circulars and orders. This app is also a self-service help portal with video tutorials. It is present in the Google Play Store while another app with just the facility of finding the HSN and SAC codes called the GST HSN/SAC Code Rate Finder For India is present in the App Store.  

  6. IRIS Peridot – GSTIN Search

    This gst app is for the registered taxpayers, all of whom are given a GSTIN number of 15-digits. This number has to be mentioned in the invoices that a taxpayer develops, not only that the taxpayer also has to mention this number in the signboard. IRIS Peridot can detect this number from clustered text. You will just have to scan the surface where the number is printed. After you scan the area, this gst app will identify the number to check it with the GST system.  

    The option to type in a GSTIN number is also present to get details on the same. This app will provide you with the details on the number holder, as well as information on the filing status of the returns and places the business has been registered with the GST system. This app is only available in the Google Play Store, this kind of app doesn’t exist in the App Store.   

  7. India GST Calculator & GST Rates

    This GST Calculator app has a lot more functionality than it meets the human eye. This is named GST Calculator & GST Rates but with this app, you will be able to calculate SIP, RD, EMI, Loan, Fixed deposit, and Gratuity along with GST. Through this app, you can also find the GST rates for different goods and services, videos on GST, updates on GST, along with a GST due date calendar.

    If you have this app installed on your phone, you will also be able to plan your retirement using the resources of this app. This app is present only in the Google Play Store, in comparison to which I couldn’t find an app that fits these functionalities in any app in the App Store.       

  8. Practical Knowledge GST TDS Income Tax Payroll PF

    This is a GST learning app but provides different facilities throughout the economical domain. This gst app will provide you with knowledge on other taxes for CA, CMA, CS Exams, and Practical tasks of accountants. You will be able to learn accountant jobs like balance sheet finalization, making GST computation, filing GST returns, billing in Tally among other tasks.

    The topics under the accounts tax and GST departments are given in the description area of in Google Play Store. This app has a rating of 4.7 indicating it becoming one of the best apps for learning GST and tax-related documentation. This kind of app is not present for iOS devices.    

  9. My GST App (MGA)

    Even though this GST application can run offline, you will still need the internet for running a few exclusive functions. This gst app will provide you with a GST calculator, informative videos on GST, important news on GST and Business in general. Other than that this app can also verify GSTIN numbers, show important due dates for GST, and show the updates on the GST meetings and share other such information. This app is only available on the Google Play Store.

    However, I found an efficient GST calculator app on the App Store called GST Calculator & Tax Rate Finder (GST Tax Guide). This app will help you to find the GST tax Calculation for return Tax accounting enrollment. Furthermore, with this app, you will be able to find the GST tax rate detail for goods and services.

    Access a quick calculator, search on the explanations provided on the GST structure in India, and get the important dates on GST. This app also has a wide set of functionalities for calculating various GST related numbers, general tax, and generate bills online for GST, Waybill, etc. This software allows you to tally with the best gst app  

  10. Tally on Mobile

    Using this app you will be able to access your Tally ERP 9 accounting data- online. This app will safely sync with your Tally ERP 9 installation. This app for tally with the gst app will provide you everything- from purchase, sales, expenses, dashboard, and reports for managing the creditors and debtors. This app will also understand your business attributes along with getting detailed information by Ledger, Voucher, Item, etc.

    This app will encrypt your data and save it in the cloud for safekeeping. Even though you lose your phone, all the information you share will be safe on the cloud. This app will help you to take critical decisions for your business, with unique functionalities. A detailed description of the same is given in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.    


I hope that this article helped in understanding which app you should choose that will perfectly fit your requirements. There are a few companies who have been registered – Tally Solutions, Karvy Data Management Services, Taxman Publication, and among the big names are Deloitte, Ernst, and Young, and PWC has been shortlisted as GST Suvidha Provider. These companies have been producing apps for GST services.

However, other software companies can also do the development depending on who the client chooses. Being one of the leading software development company, we will be able to build an app with a unique user interface for supplying your customers with the best gst app that they will have a great experience while using. If you have any confusions mention that in the comment section and please leave feedback for the other readers.