What are the best practices for your Magento website.

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Magento is the preferred platform of choice for many e-commerce vendors. But there are small issues which can rob you from giving your customers the ultimate shopping experience. This, in turn, can lead to loss of business for your enterprise, in spite of the best efforts given from your end. The things which have an adverse impact on your website are speed, security, and updates. The losses may include loss of merchandise, loss of customer data and above all financial loss. In order to prevent this, there has to be a process of continuous performance improvement to ensure that your website runs smoothly. This can only happen if you ensure that your website receives the required maintenance and support on this count. Included here are the seven best practices for your Magento website that shall help you optimize its performance.  

1. Upgrade: 

The best maintenance support that can be implemented on your website is to constantly upgrade the version of your website to the latest Magento version. This helps in protecting the website from hackers by implementing the security patches which take care of security issues. Moreover, this upgradation shall help you in improving the overall performance of your website while making it scalable to take care of future needs. Other key benefits include the automation of functions, a website being mobile friendly etc.

2. Reliable hosting:

Amongst the best practices for your Magento website shall be the usage of a reliable hosting service which works as per industry standards. The hosting service should be chosen according to the size of the store, expected traffic and most importantly the system requirements of the version of Magento being currently used by you. It is advisable not to go for free Magento hosting services but to go for a reliable vendor instead.  

3. Configuration:

Your Magento website cache should be configured in order to optimize the performance. One way to do it is the reverse HTTP proxy method. In this, the cache is configured by selecting varnish cache since it doubles up as a web accelerator. The proxy helps in optimizing the speed of your Magento website. The proxy is able to do this as it saves a copy of the page in the RAM during the first visit of a user.

4. Security:

From the standpoint of security, the Magento server should be secure in all possible ways. You should always use secure communication protocols like HTTPS for file management issues. The passwords should be decided on the basis of their strength which should be changed on a regular basis. Do keep a dedicated server for your Magento system and if there are any issues which arise during the installation and configuration of the latest version of Magento, attend to that immediately. Security wise, this shall rank amongst the best practices for your Magento website. 

5. Removal of test products:

In order to stabilize the system, it is essential to introduce test products at the beginning but once stability has been achieved it is best to remove them. The reason being that it takes a good amount of disk space and slows down the order processing system. Once the test products are removed automatically there shall be a marked improvement in the speed and performance of your Magento website.

6. Extensions:

Always ensure that your extensions are updated with the most recent updates on a regular basis. Upgrading to the current version of Magento includes updating the extensions to the new version. On the same breath, do take care to get yourself equipped with the latest antivirus software.

7. Take help from experts:

It is always better to take help from experts in order to tackle the intricacies of Magento maintenance and support. It may be so that you are engrossed in the business aspects of things, so it is better to hire a company like Vyrazu Labs who shall be able to provide you with all the necessary support as far as Magento maintenance is concerned.

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