A complete understanding of how to develop Instagram clone app

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Before talking about how to make an Instagram clone app, let me tell you a secret as per 2019 August, soon Instagram will change its name to ‘Instagram from Facebook’ as Mark Zuckerberg suggests. Now, let’s see the changes Instagram brought about in society. Only a photographer can understand the need for having a completely different platform for posting pictures……

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The Requisites on How to Make an Airbnb Clone App

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When we are traveling to a new place, we look towards a sensational experience while the cost is pocket-friendly. How will you feel if you could get the same, all in one place? Let’s say a distant home-like ambiance. In this article, we will learn about how to make an Airbnb clone app for similar services as Airbnb provides. Understanding…..

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Here is all that you need to know in order to become an expert at the recently launched Gutenberg editor by WordPress.

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The Gutenberg WordPress editor is a new WordPress editor which was first introduced to the world in 2017. This editor differs from the previous WordPress editor in the sense that it has many additional features. You shall be happy to know that it is actually a blessing for people who are on the non-technical side. You can create and perform…..

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Mock location and more | An app that showcases its potential for diverse areas of business.

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The arrival of the mobile phone has given birth to an entire industry that took shape by designing Apps that catered to their specific customer segment. The customers, in turn, had specific requirements which were addressed by these mobile apps. It was just a matter of time before mobile apps got categorised as per the domain areas which were served…..

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Top 10 effective techniques of how free apps make money: Make one yourself and start earning today

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How Free Apps Make Money

Smartphones have generated a storming change to internet usage and mobile marketing has not stopped to grow yet. Around 80% of internet users use smartphones to access the internet. Talking about smartphones, apps come naturally in the context. There are around 2.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and you’ll be surprised to know that most of them(94.24%) and 78%(till…..

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Hard Work Pays off: Vyrazu Labs is Getting listed as a top development company for Mobile Apps and Web Application Development

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Top Mobile App and Web Application Development company

Vyrazu Labs was founded by two engineers in 2013 having a vision in their mind to create an exemplary team of developers who can create a bespoke solution for any business needs. Our mission is to be a leader in the digital arena by investing our efforts in strategically located markets. We strive to create solutions that have the ability…..

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