Adobe plus Magento means a world of opportunities for Magento E-Commerce Solution provider Vyrazu Labs

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The acquisition of Magento by Adobe for $1.68 billion has been on expected lines. SAP, Oracle and Salesforce the competitive rivals of Adobe, already had a presence in the e-commerce space. Adobe was missing out on incoming business possibilities in this domain. The answer lay in entering this space either organically by developing a product of their own or inorganically…..

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How things change for online merchants and Vyrazu Labs after Adobe’s acquisition of Magento

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Adobe, for the first time, made an acquisition in the e-commerce space with the recent acquisition of Magento for a tidy sum of $1.68 billion. Adobe already has Experience Cloud which is a cloud platform for marketing solutions in the digital world. It is but natural that Magento became a part of this cloud platform which brings together the deep…..

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Adobe’s acquisition of Magento is a shot in the arm for Vyrazu Lab’s future prospects.

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Vyrazu Labs has been a software services and product development company, servicing both domestic and international clients. An area of expertise has been consistently developing online systems which take care of user needs. There have been situations where clients have insisted on using Magento. The recent headline in the technological world – “Adobe acquires Magento” changed the dynamics of the…..

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Adobe’s acquisition of Magento shall help Vyrazu Labs develop innovative and affordable solutions for the enterprise.

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Adobe was started by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in the year 1982 and since then has gone on to become world leaders in the space of digital content and applications. In recent times, Adobe has made inroads towards software development in the Internet space. Going ahead with this strategy, the company has completed the acquisition of Magento. This has…..

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The possible reasons behind the purchase of Magento by Adobe and how good are the Magento skill sets of Vyrazu Labs

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Mark Lavelle, CEO, Magento wrote in his blog post on 21st May, this year that Adobe was going ahead with its plans to buy Magento. It was for quite some time that Adobe was trying to acquire a commerce platform, so it came as no big surprise to industry watchers when Adobe bought Magento for $1.68 billion.   What is…..

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How can you use Twitter for your marketing campaign to promote your company?

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use Twitter for your marketing campaign

With hundreds of millions of users, and over 500 million Tweets daily, Twitter has rapidly become popular as one of the top social media platforms of all. People flock to the website to connect with people, share pictures, quotes, videos and basically everything that catches their attention. Along with the Hashtag feature, Twitter has become one of the largest platforms where the…..

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