How content marketing is taking the game to a different level altogether.

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The fact that content marketing is changing the rules of the game is being felt by business organisations across the globe. Business organisations, big or small are gradually waking up to the power of content marketing and gradually aligning their business processes in order to derive maximum mileage from this potent medium. What is content marketing? Content marketing in short…..

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What is the difference between “Add to wishlist” and “Save for later”, why do you need them and how can you use them?

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The world of E-commerce has opened up opportunities for online shopping which allows users to perform their shopping activities while on the move or within the comforts of their homes. In order to offer users a complete shopping cart experience and reduce the scope of abandoning their shopping midway, online merchants have come up with ways which reduce the scope…..

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An idea of the amount of money you can earn through your app.

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There are many apps in the market, in fact numerous. Also there is a huge amount of money riding on these apps which in fact goes into millions of dollars. The crux of the situation being that money is actually made by a small portion of these apps whereas there are many apps which make no money at all. So,…..

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React vs Angular: which technology should you go for in order to build a mobile app

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The world of communication has been greatly enhanced ever since the arrival of smartphones which made it possible to perform online activities while being on the move. This in turn happened as you are already aware because of the numerous apps which were made available at online stores for users to download and use. The technology used to develop such…..

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How to create a complete technical team for your IT needs, a distributed team which shall be working dedicatedly for your needs. Say Goodbye to Outsourcing!!

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The phenomenon of software development outsourcing began in the 1980’s and it was in the 1990’s that IBM established itself as the major vendor to whom businesses turned to for their software development outsourcing needs. Well, you and I both know that story well enough as it was mentioned the last time we engaged in our interaction here. Now, the…..

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History of outsourcing, how it all began and why it has grown to become a viable model of business processing.

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It is common now-a-days for businesses to outsource their software developmental activities to professional software vendors whose core business activity is the area of software development. This helps business organisations in availing the service of dedicated professionals who are experts at the latest technologies and have the necessary domain expertise required to execute projects successfully. History of software development outsourcing:…..

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