10 Open Source Tools that You can Use while working at from home

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Even though we need to be isolated during this pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t keep earning. Money is one thing, communication is even greater. We have all heard this proverb that ‘empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. Hence, keep yourself busy with work, entertainment, and constant communication that will help your morale. When rumors are spreading rapidly, we get confused…..

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Coronavirus Outbreak Updates and How Technology can Help you During this Pandemic

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There is a proverb when it rains it pours, something similar happened in 2019 followed by 2020. The world was recently facing issues with their individual governments and some countries were under attack. It seems that wasn’t enough, a virus that originated in Wuhan, China took a horrifying shape; finally being declared as a pandemic on 11th March by the…..

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The Hidden Secrets of Material Design Vs Human Interface Guidelines

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Different designs have different impacts on people. If you have a business with an app and/or web portals, it is important for you to understand why that happens. Over the years we have used certain kinds of designs like the skeuomorphic design that had bulging icons with a retro look overall. As the advancements began experiments with designs started. Looking…..

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10 best apple watch apps that can make you gaga to download now

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In this age of technology when everything is moving forward, so should we. Clarke foresees that ‘the internet of things(IoT) will shorten the mobile phone revolution. Wearables are one essential aspect of this.’ In this instance, we all should buckle up and start devising our knowledge of apps for better use. This article talks about the 10 best apple watch…..

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The On Demand Service Apps that Bring Ease in Our Lives and Helps Offline Businesses Expand in the Local Market

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Buying something online has become a trend, don’t you think? Whenever we need something we turn to an e-commerce site and look for the products that will best suit our needs. In the first two articles, we had discussed the on-demand services which provide you with the delivery on the same day. This blog will talk about the on-demand service…..

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Different Types of On Demand Service Applications that will Reduce your Daily Chores

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Life has become easier now that we have everything on our fingertips. Might you need a cab? Book a ride on Ola or Uber, the ride will reach you without you having to worry about any extra issues. The on-demand service apps have pampered us so much that we almost feel like it has been with us since Big Bang……

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