How much does it cost to develop an app like Medscape, Practo or any other medical app?

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The implementation of e-commerce applications has touched many areas of everyday activities of people. These include finance, business, entertainment etc, so it is but natural that it shall be having an effect on the healthcare segment also. In order to cater to the requirements of the healthcare sector, a number of apps have been developed which allow patients to avail…..

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Different types of software development services provided by us for small, medium-sized businesses and corporates.

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Businesses need to implement software systems in their business processes in order to make regular operations more effective and efficient. One can approach this way in two ways. The first is to go for software solutions that are provided by your in-house team of software professionals while the second is to ask software vendors to devise software solutions that take…..

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In-app purchase not working in your iOS or Android app — The Possible Issues

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In app purchase not working in iOS app.

There are many apps in the market which have a feature using which you can make online purchases. This is known as in-App purchases and is a monetizing option for smartphone applications. We all have at some point or the other downloaded apps from App stores which gave the additional option of making purchases through them. In-app purchase not working…..

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ERP Application Development, ERP Software Development Solutions and Services

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ERP Application Development

ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software helps business organizations manage their resources in a more productive fashion. The main functionality of an ERP system is to integrate business processes and facilitate the flow of information which gives insights, based on which intelligent decisions can be arrived at. You might be aware that ERP systems collect data from various…..

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How to build a CRM

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When you will be setting up your company, there will be customers involved. It will not be possible for you to look after all the thousands of customers at the same time. So, what will you do? You will opt for a CRM system that will help you maintain the customer base. Customer relationship management helps to manage the company‚Äôs…..

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Make your business processes more effective and efficient with the help of Android Application Development

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Android apps

The year 2003 witnessed the arrival of the Android operating system. This operating system was designed keeping in mind devices like smartphones which allowed users the flexibility to use mobile applications while on the move. This has further led to the area of Android Application Development which uses the Android platform for developing software. The result being that this activity…..

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