Is your bounce rate bouncing the profit off your business: This is how websites are using affiliate marketing for expansion

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Affiliate marketing is dated way back from the internet origination era. The transition of the revenue sharing market to the prevailing e-commerce established in November 1994, give or take four years after the World Wide Web’s inception. Affiliate marketing has taken a rapid pace since it first started operating. Rather than the beginning of domination of the web as a…..

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Learn how to create a desktop application using Electron and the essential information there is to know about Electron when you work on it

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Electron is a programming language used for developing web-based applications. It was released on July 15, 2013. GitHub, a Microsoft subsidiary, was responsible for the launch and maintenance of this framework. You might have some idea about this framework, like how it works and how it functions when it comes to website development. We at Vyrazu Labs have recently created…..

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How to create a chatbot that will help expand your business and let traffic flow in an increased rate improving the interaction of your website

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The advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence has raised a wave of change in the sea of technological advancements. Did you know: It all started in 1966 with the first chatbot called Eliza. No doubt about the use of chatbots has made society smoother and swifter. The bots make tasks easy and help you to concentrate on what your…..

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iOS 13 release, update, and new features

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The new iOS 13 is about to release on 20th September 2019. iOS 13 came with a lot of features and updates that we have not seen in the past. Everyone is excited. But do you know that the updates will awe-struck you when you read about them? We are Vyrazu Labs, are personally very excited to see how the…..

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How to turn your business around by utilizing these 12 practices that every entrepreneur must follow

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy task, there are zillions of considerations that you have to make even before you think about being a successful entrepreneur. Let’s consider a watchmaker (indeed a seasoned example to use in this era of technology) who is responsible for making a watch or a clock to deliver it to his potential customers. At…..

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Keep a Check on your Employees by Understanding How to Develop a Time Tracking Tool

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Before we start talking about the time tracking tool, we have to know what is a time tracking tool and how will it benefit you? Of course, you won’t want to make a tool just for fun. Now, the concern is you might know the reason for developing a time tracking tool as well, but who said that a little…..

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