6 useful tips you can use to boost web traffic to your small business website!

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Any small business owner has a question on how to boost web traffic to his or her website, to get as much attention to it as possible. Increasing viewers, and reaching out to potential customers, so as to rapidly become a seasoned business with huge sales, these are some of the tips and tricks you could use:

Include a number of relevant keywords

One of the most effective SEO strategies for a well-rounded, effective impact, you should incorporate all the relevant keywords and phrases, including long-tail keywords, into the content that you have on your website. This includes page text, blogs, and even the images that will boost web traffic.

Make blog posts regularly

Blogging is another extremely effective thing you can do to boost web traffic and views to your website. According to a recent study by Hubspot, which surveyed 1531 small to medium businesses, businesses with blog sites received 55% more traffic than the ones without. Pretty impressive, right? The study also indicated that companies which increased their blog posts from 3-5 times a month to 6-8 times a month almost doubled their leads.

Create attention-grabbing headlines

In order to get users to click on an article and get to your website, you would need to pique their interest with an attention-grabbing headline. How-tos, tips & tricks, and “top ten” type of headlines appeal to the common pain point or interest of your typical customer, usually getting the best results. However, it should not be a clickbait, in that you must make sure your content lives up to your headline as well, or else you might instead, repel any would-be customers and you won’t be able to boost web traffic.

Add links to your web page content and blog posts

You should include relevant links within your text to additional content that a visitor might be interested in. Not only is this helpful for the readers, it is also beneficial from the SEO point of view. For instance, several businesses have an overview of services on their “About” page. By linking each service to its respective page, you could give visitors an easy way to click through to find out more about the individual services you’re offering to boost web traffic. This same technique can be applied to your blog posts as well.

Get your friends and family to spread the word

If you’re launching your own small business, your friends and family are usually extremely supportive and impressed with it. As such, the best way to promote it even further, is to get them to spread the word about your website. Being people you hang out with regularly, they would take extra effort to reach out to as many of their friends they know and so on helping you boost web traffic. You should offer them sample products for free, which would further motivate them to talk about it on the social networks, and in real life, having used the products themselves.

Make the maximum use of YouTube and Google+

Surveys and research done by Shareaholic show that YouTube and Google+ direct the most engaged traffic among all the top social media sites. These findings take into consideration average time spent on the site, pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate.  You can use these social media sites to promote your website content whenever possible so that you can boost web traffic.

With some dedication, research, and hard work, these tips are guaranteed to give you a huge boost to your site’s traffic and popularity, eventually driving up sales, all without spending a penny!