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About Fat Agent

Fat Agent is an amazing platform where insurance professionals meet more carriers and leads every day. It’s the central place where each professional can grow in their own way. Here, they get access to more effective insurance products to satisfy their clients’ requirements easily and get profitable. This platform offers all assistance that an insurance professional may require for his/her career. The Fat Agent CRM is easy to use, efficient, super-functional, reliable, and flexible. Crafting such a robust platform wasn’t easy for Vyrazu Labs, but we have made it possible with expertise and dedication.

Ergys, one of the founders of MySig said that the entire project was challenging for both teams. It was started during the first phase of the pandemic. He also mentioned Vyrazu Labs managed it pretty well even when all employees were working remotely. It was quite an interesting experience for him or his team. He agreed that together we have learned a lot of things that have added a new dimension to the entire MySig project.

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Our Development Process

MySig is a special project for us. And that’s why Vyrazu Labs has followed an advanced process to turn the idea into a fully secure digital platform

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We have a habit of overcoming challenges like a pro team. We did the same for Fat Agent project.

Turning unorganized ideas into a real product 01
Turning unorganized ideas into a real product

The requirement list was quite messy. Many new things were added later after having a discussion with the Fat Agent team. Within a very little span of time, turning all these into a reality was a tough task for the Vyrazu team. Our expert consultants and developers quickly analyzed all requirements, conducted market research, arranged hour-long meetings with the Fat Agent team, and concluded with the best solutions. Without taking much time, they had dedicated the roadmap, user flow, etc to ensure the quick development of the CRM.

Designing next gen CRM features within a short time 01
Designing next-gen CRM features within a short time

Fat Agent CRM solution is really feature-rich. It has all features and functionalities that a futureproof CRM should have. We don’t integrate average features, we integrate advanced ones to make businesses grow. Developing a host of advanced features was a challenge for the development team. On the other hand, the time span was really limited. Our development team quickly made the list of features and their functionality and started developing them. Within a short time, we developed almost all features, tested them, and integrated them accordingly.

Passing complex business requirements to the development team 01
Passing complex business requirements to the development team

When the requirements are big and complex turning them into effective designs requires a lot of time. For all phases, we have very limited time. Giving clickable designs to the developers was hectic at the first. Apart from that, some changes took place at the advanced moment. At the advanced moment, integrating new changes is not that much easy. But we made it possible. The entire design time was spent with proper collaboration with the client team. We have improved everything according to the feedback of the client.

Multi hour long calls with the Fat Agent team 01
Multi-hour long calls with the Fat Agent team

We have already mentioned that the time span was really limited for us. Without taking much time, we had to deliver quality CRM software solutions to our client. The requirement list was a bit long and complex. Understanding everything with proper analysis was challenging. In order to understand everything and clear all confusion, we conducted multi-hour long client meetings. Most of our team members were in meetings for hours and hours. After spending these many hours on meeting yet they managed it develop the result quickly. It was challenging definitely as well as interesting at the same time.

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The Fat Agent CRM development is offering a wide range of benefits. Let’s check the major ones-

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Increased user satisfaction

User satisfaction is the key to retaining them for long and getting more users on a regular basis. The CRM solution is not only easy to use but also comes with all the facilities that both novice and experienced insurance professionals may require. A feature-rich platform that lets its users access advanced products and services so that they can guide their clients better. The same experience users are having with Fat Agent. Insurance professionals can access all financial products easily, make their clients choose the best solution, and buy insurance plans and products faster than ever.

Increased user base 01
Growing user base

Increasing the user base was a challenge for Fat Agent. Even they were getting new users but retaining was a challenge for them. We have crafted an advanced CRM solution for them so that they can easily offer the desired services to all users. When users were getting the ease and benefits they were in search of, they automatically started to like the platform and now they are using it on a regular basis. Now, Fat Agent can retain their maximum user and as a result, the overall user base is growing regularly.

Increased leads sales 01
More leads and sales

Selling insurance plans and products has become easy with Fat Agent CRM. each professional registered with Fat Agent is well equipped now. They can explain products better, they have access to more products that average platforms do not even offer, and are ready by all means to convince clients and win them within a glimpse. And as a result, the number of sales and leads has increased better than before.

Users from all sources 01
Users from all sources

Accessing Fat Agent is easy. There is no limitation in terms of the device. By using any PC, laptop, or smartphone, users can easily access this product and do the needful. All accesses are secure and no theft or data manipulation can take place amid remote access benefits. No matter whether the insurance professional is using a PC or a tab, he/she can easily access this platform, explore all products, show to clients, and sell plans accordingly.

Easy appointment scheduling 01
Easy appointment scheduling

Insurance professionals need to meet new people every minute. Managing these many people or leads is definitely troublesome for them. Since the very first stage of development, we have thought about it and crafted a solution where appointment scheduling and appointment management will be easy for an insurance professional. Fat Agent lets users easily schedule an appointment with a client, users will get timely reminders, and they can manage all their appointments in a systematic way.

Effective lead generation and sales 01
Effective lead generation and sales

Turning a random contact into a lead requires a lot of effort, expertise, and patience. Fat Agent CRM makes this easy for an insurance professional as it is integrated with advanced notification and tracking facilities. When prospects are opening the email, when they are coming to the web page, and so many other details can be accessed via this CRM development by Vyrazu Labs. convincing a willing prospect is easy. CRM helps in knowing who is a convinced prospect and where an agent needs to pour more effort to win a lead.

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You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA