Data management at organizations can be enhanced by the use of Human Resource Management

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These days, an organisation is exposed to a lot of data from various sources and in different formats as for eg —

  • Data: Punch in time, Age, Minutes of meeting.
  • Data Source: Punch card, Keyboard entry, Chat source.

If you observe carefully, over time this will translate into a huge volume of data which shall have to be stored properly. Key decisions will be taken after extracting meaningful information through usage of knowledge tools from these datasets. If you think rationally, it is therefore very essential that there should be an appropriate way of preserving and managing this data. An Human resource management tool is a very intelligent system that takes care of your valuable data and manages it efficiently.

Human Resource management tool–What is it, will it solve everything?

In general, the key features of an HRM tool includes the following:

  • Dashboard — It is a centralised information centre where all organisational news are made available for employees.
  • Instant messaging system – You and your employees can exchange messages without leaving your workstation.
  • Attendance system – Employees mention the time when they entered and exited the office premises. You can maintain individual timesheet of employees which can be accessed by authorised personnel.
  • Leave details – Employees can apply for leave through the tool itself and leave details of all your employees shall be available at the touch of a finger.
  • Salary History – You can maintain salary details of all your employees using this feature.
  • Contact details – It maintains the contact details of all your employees for prompt access.

Data management by Human Resource management tool:

It is clear by now, that such a system will be dealing with voluminous amount of data which has the propensity to rise as an organisation scales up in terms of the number of employees. Also, as you are aware that safety and security of confidential data is a very important paradigm in today’s corporate world, the system cannot compromise on the security aspect of the organisational information. Thus, there is the need of an automated system which takes care of both which is incidentally very well taken care of by an HRM tool.

Going forward:

Having seen the benefits of an Human Resource management tool, you may be thinking of its pricing, availability and scalability. I may be of some help here, the tool I am talking about does take care of all the above mentioned features. Additionally, as the product incorporates the best features of cloud computing, it is secure in all respects and can be used by your employees even if they are geographically distributed. Lastly and more importantly, the system is very capable of handling your humongous data and is elastic in nature if your organisation decides on scaling up.

Put someone in touch:

Vyrazu Labs has come up with a HRMS system which is available at Enterprise. Also, if you feel I can be of any help, do put someone in touch. The web series, if viewed will give a first hand demo of the product. If price is an issue, check the pricing page. Also, a free demo is available for you if you fill up the form below. If you happen to head a small organisation of 4 / 5 members you shall have free access to this tool for 3 years.