How your decision-making process is enabled by the use of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Systems.

The Oxford dictionary defines decision as — “A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration”. The same dictionary defines decision making as — “The action or process of making important decisions”. Well, have you ever given a thought about the importance of decisions and decision making. Why is it an indispensable part of modern management and what is the reason behind it being the topic of extensive research. Let us try to explore a bit, as it concerns the most vital resources an organisation can possess – Human resource. 

Decision making:

The most important attribute that sets apart great organisations is the ability to take right decisions at the right time. Decision making process is an integral part of every organisation. Decision making can be briefly summarised as:

    • Assimilate information about possible courses of action.
    • Consider repercussions of decision taken.
  • Take decision.

Thus, decision making is a systematic process which follows a sequence of steps and decisions are taken at many levels, whether personal or organisational. In an organisation, information gathering activity is dependent on raw data, which you can access from human resource details such as age, qualification, department name etc. You can have brainstorming sessions so as to come up with all possible options and consider consequences, but a decision once taken needs to be implemented.

Human Resource Management tool:

What is an HRM tool and why is it required are the first questions that is bound to crop up. Well, an HRM tool gives generic employee information in addition to details like reimbursements, leaves, hiring costs, employee productivity etc. All information related to employees are available in a consolidated form in one single place. The data can be stored permanently without the fear of being tampered or lost. Also, it is near impossible to store files and records in physical form as maintaining the records for an ever growing organisation shall become a very cumbersome process, thus the solution to overcome these bottlenecks lies in an HRM tool which automates the entire system.

The way ahead:

Let us consider a typical organisation which consists of professionals from different functional areas. We shall examine some cases and their corresponding productivity calculations –

  • Sales Guy: A sales person spends less time at office and more at his points of sale, his productivity is judged on his annual sales figure rather than his timesheet.
  • Programming nerd: A programmer spends almost his entire working hours at his workstation, so his productivity shall be a function of the time spent at his computer and the milestones achieved during this period. As I am an IT professional, I happen to know it very well. ( Hey Hey Hey )!!
  • Engineer: A person who is from the engineering background shall be intermittently present both at office and his project site, hence his productivity shall be a sum total of his efforts made at both places.

While judging the efficiency level of professionals belonging to different functional areas, the parameters of judgement differ which has been taken into consideration during the design phase of this HRM tool. I happen to know better as the tool was designed and developed at my workplace.

Few Benefits of Human Resource Management tool:

    • Helps in identifying critical resources who shall handle crucial roles in future.
    • Helps in cost / benefit analysis of human resource.
  • Helps in deciding on new hires by displaying staff strength of all teams / projects.

As seen above, the tool generates information which managers can use to make informed decisions. Good decisions are taken by effective leaders. My organisation has a significant role to play in this area, having developed a successful HRM tool which takes into account all possible scenarios and has been used across organisations at all levels.

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