Designing the software architecture to make PAUSA, a reliable online service provider

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The market survey ( in case you missed it, check this link ( Link to Blog no 3)) gave a picture of how things are at the ground level and the expectations which every stakeholder has from such a system. It also helped in zeroing on the deficiencies which users had with the existing systems. This formed the basis on which the system architecture of the proposed system had to be designed. The system had to be user friendly, robust, should be able to address all the issues faced by existing users and most importantly, had to be a reliable online service provider.


The first step meant going to the design board and drawing the system architecture of the proposed system. The design of the prototype had to include the features which was thought of by the team and also those which were missing in the existing systems. The designing phase itself indicated that the designers were in for a rough ride and it would be a major accomplishment if they were able to include all the features which they had in mind. But, it had to be done if they really wanted to make PAUSA a reliable online service provider.


The basic architecture of the system had to be designed through meticulous planning if it had to be a reliable online service provider. Accordingly, it was decided that the application had to be a combination of mobile apps and a browser application The browser application would double up as a dashboard which would be used by those who would manage the overall system. The customers would interact with the system through a mobile app via which they would send their requests. The service provider who would be using the desktop dashboard would receive the request and would assign a service person to deliver the service. The service person would also have an app installed on his mobile through which he would communicate with the overall system. A reliable online service provider had to have these bare minimum functionalities.


Since the service providers are the backbone of the system, the focus has been on ensuring that the proposed system does take care of their needs. So, the service provider shall be given the use of an admin panel in his desktop application which takes care of the following: 

  • Provides an interface by which he/she can interact with the overall system.
  • Have a look at the order system where the order received or carried out shall be clearly displayed.
  • Shall display the status ( availability ) of each service personal/employee reporting to the service provider.
  • Shall show the status of the work allocated to his service person/employee and update him/her after it has been completed.
  • The admin panel shall have a LIVE tracking facility which shall clearly display the geographical location of his service person/employee who has been assigned to provide service to the customer.
  • The admin panel displays the order status of a service provider, this shall greatly help him/her in maintenance of his order log.
  • The admin panel helps in the inventory status of a service provider being regularly updated. This directly helps him/her in maintaining an efficient supply chain.
  • The service provider is given an update through the admin panel on the total cost of the service offered and replacements, if any. The same is also shared with the customer, thus ensuring a total transparent transaction. It was a general feeling amongst the team members that a reliable online service provider had to ensure transparency in its transactions.


Since service providers were the intended audience of the proposed system  it was essential to automate the main features. A reliable online service provider had to be automated in order to give a customer the best possible user experience. Going ahead, developing PAUSA, as a reliable online service provider would mean inclusion of many more features while not compromising on the reasons for which it was being built in the first place.  ( In case you missed it, click on this link, where you shall get to know, how it all started (Link to Blog no1 )).