Creating a world-class software requires certain development standards that a company should follow, a must-read for your next software development project

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It is the endeavor of every organization which desires to be a leader in its domain to be able to create products that can be placed alongside the very best in the world. This objective can only be met with success provided sufficient planning is done which is followed by meticulous execution of the plans made. It is important to note here that world-class software products can only be engineered if and only if world-class software developmental processes are followed. So, let us i.e. Vyrazu Labs takes a look at the development standards a company should follow in order to create world-class products, in this case — software.

Successful projects:

Well, you shall be surprised to know that the failure rate of projects at organizations is as high as 70% (Source). So, it does make sense to ensure that when you are in charge of a software development project, you do ensure that your project does not add to the above-mentioned statistics.

In order to proceed further, we have to first know what makes a project successful. You can say that you have led a successful software development project if you have been able to deliver on the deliverables within the scope of time and budget. It sounds pretty simple, but that is what only 30% of projects at organizations are able to achieve if we go by statistics.

Best practices for software development:

There are some time tested methods and some based on the latest research that combines together to provide the framework of best practices for software development. These may also be counted as the software development standards a company should follow to deliver the best in software, whether projects or products.

  • Recruiting the resources — right.

You have to make sure that you have recruited the right people who have the requisite talent and matching skill set necessary for the execution of your project. It is foolish to recruit a plumber to do the job which a chef is expected to perform — am I right? Also, all resources in your team should be given the appropriate activity which matches his skill sets. Lastly, update yourself with the best in software development, hardware and automation tools so as to extract the best possible output.

  • Making the right estimation:

In order to adhere to the best software development standards a company should follow, you have to be sure that you have done your homework correctly. Most projects fail because of unrealistic estimation. You have to use proven estimation techniques so that you have an exact idea of the objectives to be achieved. This in turn will help you to plan your schedule and budget accurately. This has a cascading effect on the estimates of resources and efforts required to finish your project within the required budget and schedule.

  • Smaller milestones:

It is always better to have small milestones that are achievable. In the case of larger software development projects, you can break down your milestones into smaller or mini-milestones which can be controlled and kept track of.

  • Defining Requirements:

The requirement gathering process is a vital part of the entire procedure. It actually helps in aligning the product to be delivered along with the business objectives of the client. It is very necessary to have detailed discussions with all stakeholders where functionality is captured via the use case scenarios and all stakeholders are in agreement with the objectives to be achieved. Well, this related Blogpost just might interest you.

  • System Architecture:

You must ensure that your team of architects come up with the most appropriate system architecture of the proposed system. It is OK if there are limitations/constraints but all of these should be incorporated along with the requirements in the designed architecture.

  • Documentation:

Documents that are a part of the project are in itself as important as the developed software. There should be proper documentation of all the stages of the software development life cycle, starting from SRS, high-level diagrams to low-level diagrams, test plans, test reports, etc. These documents help in having a reference to the developed software whenever required in the future.

  • Coding:

Well, it is always advisable to use smaller modules that are first coded, self-tested, unit tested, and then integrated for easy and fast software development. Also, there are automated tools that help in the build and regression testing process thereby making processes more effective and efficient. Thus software development life cycle can be easily accelerated even with minimum arrangements.

  • Testing and Validation:

Testing an application is actually as vital as coding. Thus, it is important to create appropriate test plans, perform the tests, report the defects, and then provide resolution to the defects. These activities can be performed parallelly to the coding activity which helps in saving time and effort in the total software development life cycle. Also, there are automated tools that can make the testing process in software development more efficient. It should be mentioned here that unit testing, integration testing, system testing, etc has its own level of expertise, methods of planning, and execution.

  • Performing Reviews:

Amongst the best development standards a company should follow in order to develop quality software, performing reviews has its own place of importance. There should be a proper review of each and every deliverable by experts or/and peers. It is a mandatory stage in the software development life cycle to ensure project success.

  • Software Control Management:

Always make sure that you use proper management techniques for source code and necessary documents. It helps in version control, roll back when required. 

  • Installation:

There have been instances when successful projects have failed during the actual deployment process. Ensure you have effective deployment plans and a checklist ready during the time of deployment to avoid such disasters.

  • Support and Maintenance:

Technical support holds an important position amongst the development standards a company should follow in order to produce quality software. This is because any developed software always needs a support team for a routine maintenance job. So, do ensure that you have a steady support team at your disposal. 

  • Project management:

There has to be a rock-solid project management team behind the entire developmental process which can keep track of the processes, budget, and schedule of the project in order to see to it that the project is delivered within the predetermined schedule and budget.

Well, if you are able to follow the above steps religiously, it is an assurance that you shall be adhering to the highest level of development standards a company should follow while developing quality software. 

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