Creating an E-Commerce website with customizable products for your enterprise? We are here to help you for entire eCommerce website development

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If you have been thinking of starting your own E-Commerce website for your business for quite some time but do not know how to go ahead then this article is just right for you. It may be that you already have some idea of the product you would like to sell and want to design an online store for it but are unable to decide on how to start. It shall come as a piece of good news that ecommerce website development for your business really does not require tonnes of money but just the right harmony between technology and an efficient business process. 

You may have seen that now there is no business left that hasn’t gone for ecommerce development yet. Actually, ecommerce development now has become a mandatory thing that you need to proceed to survive as well as beat the competition in the industry.

What is an e-commerce platform

Before we jump to the ecommerce website development procedure, it becomes essential to know first, what an E-Commerce platform actually is. 

An E-Commerce platform is a collection of software programs that shall allow you to build an online store from where you can run an online business. You shall have your own freedom in managing your ecommerce development and handling the regular business operations, once an e-commerce website for your business is up and running. 

The most important aspect of being in an online business is that this sector is poised for growth in the coming future and has shown no signs of slowing down, as can be made from this piece of statistics. So, this should be sweet music to your ears. 

Categories of an E-Commerce business

Before you sign up for ecommerce website development for your business, it is advisable that you know the categories into which E-Commerce businesses can be categorized. Chiefly there are three main categories:

  • Business-to-Business:

E-Commerce businesses that sell physical products or services to other businesses fall in this category, as for example manufacturers/suppliers who provide materials or products for other businesses. 

  • Business-to-Consumer: 

E-Commerce businesses that sell physical products or services to consumers can be categorized to be in the Business-to-Consumer segment. Examples are retailers or E-Commerce retailers who sell products to the consumer. 

  • Business-to-Government: 

In the Business-to-Government category E-Commerce businesses which sell physical products or services to government, institutions fall in this segment. For example, this shall include businesses that create office furniture, sellers who sell digital products like themes/ extensions or plugins, etc which are used solely by government officials or agencies. 

Setting up your business

Now that you have got an idea of what an E-Commerce platform is and the categories of E-Commerce businesses, we can get into the details of how to accelerate the ecommerce website development process. 

  • Naming your business: 

It is very important that you should have an appropriate name for your business. Some pointers:

  • Be creative with your domain name, be original.
  • Keep it short, sweet and simple. 
  • Try to be different. 
  • Creation of Logo: 

Logo creation is a very important activity in the ecommerce website development process, so give due importance to it as it shall be a reflection of your organization. If you want to know more about the importance of the logo and how to create a perfect one, you can read this blog post.

  • Building your store: 

Here you shall be faced with the option of choosing a platform for proper ecommerce development that can efficiently be used by you for ecommerce website development. Magento is a very nice option as it provides many features that you can customize as per the needs of your store. Additionally, the latest version of Magento has many added features that make the ecommerce website development procedure easy as well as time-saving. 

Lastly, If you happen to use Magento, you can rest assured of a huge community of developers who shall be there to support you, were you to face any technical hurdle. The icing on the cake should be mentioned here, which being that it is free and open-source with payments required only for the enterprise version. 

These have been the chief reasons why we have opted for Magento as the tool for the best ecommerce website development and ended up developing many scalable applications for our clients using the Magento platform. 

This blogpost is sure to stir your interest as it goes into detail on ecommerce website development for your business using Magento. 

  • Search Engine Optimization: 

The next step in your journey of ecommerce website development is optimize the webpages of your store using the best practices of SEO so that it ranks high in the results delivered by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This is one of the main advantages of using Magento as it has exquisite features that are designed to make an ecommerce store SEO friendly. Also, if you would like to avail of professional services in this area, you can get in touch with our team of SEO experts who shall devise customized solutions in order to take care of your SEO needs. 

Sales channel:

Well, you have done the real hard part but you need to have an efficient way by which you can channelize your sales. There are several online platforms where you can sell your products, the issue lies in selecting the ones which are right for your business. However, here is a list of popular online channels which you can consider for selling your products: 

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Bonanza
  • Newegg

e-commerce website for your business

Setting up of customizable businesses 

Well, we have gone into details as to what it would take for the proper ecommerce website development for your business using Magento. However, for people like you, we have developed software applications which can help devise customizable E-Commerce apps for you without going into all the intricacies as mentioned above. 

It is worth mentioning here that if you happen to have an existing E-Commerce application that uses the WooCommerce infrastructure, we have the required software in place which can make a mobile app of the same E-Commerce website in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to give us some necessary details of your existing E-Commerce application and you shall have a fully functional mobile app in your hands. Our mobile app has been very aptly named WooCommerce and is available at Apple Store. 

Another application that uses the same methodology is Joey’s Pizza which has been designed keeping Restaurant owners and their customers in mind. It might come as a piece of good news to you that we shall be able to deliver an e-commerce website for your business along with a fully functional mobile app within a very short time as we have developed the necessary software tool which can be used in order to accelerate the process of ecommerce website development for your business. 

Ways by which you stand to benefit in ecommerce website development

It shall be of great interest to you that whatever area of business you may be in, as examples let us consider the following:

  • You may be a designer selling costume jewelry.
  • You may be selling stationery items.
  • You may be a garment manufacturer, selling T-Shirts. 
  • You may be engaged in the business of selling furniture. 
  • You may be a vendor of electronic items. 

You may be any of the above and if you decide on ecommerce website development for your business, then as discussed above, you shall have an E-Commerce application along with a fully functional mobile app in the shortest possible time. You can just sit back and relax.

Also, you can take advantage of another tool of ours, Socify which can be used to crop the images being used in your online store to appropriate sizes. Lastly, the creation of a unique logo for the e-commerce website for your business shall be an activity which you shall have to engage in proactively. 

Well, I hope you have gained an idea of how to go ahead with your online venture. If you do want to take advantage of our tools for ecommerce website development for your business, all you have to do is to get in touch with us for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

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