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Android apps

The year 2003 witnessed the arrival of the Android operating system. This operating system was designed keeping in mind devices like smartphones which allowed users the flexibility to use mobile applications while on the move. This has further led to the area of Android Application Development which uses the Android platform for developing software. The result is that this activity has had a very positive impact on businesses with results impacting their bottom line.

Well, you might be aware of the fact that Android commands the majority share of the mobile operating system market share worldwide ( Source ). This has had a cascading effect on the Android Application Development front with applications being developed around the Android ecosystem.

Why should you go for Android Application Development:

Open source:

The biggest advantage of going for Android Application Development is the open source nature of the Android platform. This ensures that you do not have to worry about continued royalty issues or any licensing factors. Also, any developer has the support of the huge Android developer community behind him/her, the ideas of which can be incorporated into the applications being developed. All these together make Android Application Development a real good prospect.


As mentioned earlier, Android is the most popular operating system worldwide and has a user base of over 70%. This has led many business organizations to invest in developing Android applications to reach out to the maximum possible user base amongst their customers. Additionally, they are excellent options for businesses belonging to the small and medium-range as they have access to a low-cost application development process.


Since Android apps are scripted in Java, any developer has an access to a vast source of libraries from which to choose from. A developer with good familiarity with Java can easily develop content-rich applications using the Android environment.

User Interface:

Google, which took over Android has ensured that Android-based applications are easy to manage and can be customized in order to develop custom Android apps for business organizations. Since it is open source, developers can build innovative apps with a wide range of options which are developed to cater to the specific needs of the user. Also, you shall be happy to know that the app can be updated with multimedia tools when required.

Engagement with customers:

As Android applications have the potential to reach the maximum number of customers, because of it being based on the Android platform, it ensures that you have a fulfilling relationship with your customers. Additionally, Android apps have the capability to reach a wider audience with an intuitive interface that helps in accelerating your business activities.  

High return on investment:

Since the Android application development kit is freely available, it has a substantial reduction in the developmental costs which includes all the steps of application development, testing, and deployment. This has a spiral effect on businesses who can get access to an application with many features at prices which are very low as compared to similar apps developed on other platforms.  

Well, by now you are probably aware of the advantages of Android Application Development and why organizations have been building their apps around this platform. We, as an organization have been involved in the area of development of Android apps, so if you have any requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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