Employee tracking feature of mobile apps enable service providers deliver better online services

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PAUSA has been developed keeping the interests of service providers in mind, so that they are able to provide better online services to customers. You have witnessed that this has been the common connecting thread so far. The team believed that the service providing organisations were the fulcrum on which the world of online services rotated.

Moving ahead:

Well, you have already gone through how the team members successfully negotiated technological hurdles and developed mobile apps which would enhance the functionality and quality of the online services application ( link to Blog no 7 ). My friend and his team have undertaken slow but steady steps into making the application user friendly, feature rich, technologically updated and at the same time capable of providing all possible support to the service provider.

The next step:

Since the development team has successfully negotiated the technological hurdle of devising mobile applications for PAUSA, it was the logical next step to equip the application with rich features. One such feature is LIVE tracking of the service person. This was incorporated because it was seen that there were cases where there was ambiguity with respect to the location of the service person who was despatched to service the customer. So, the team decided to go one step ahead and came up with a transparent system by which the customer is always able to track the geographical location of the service person.

The way forward:

Providing a LIVE tracking facility meant providing a real time location tracking feature. It involved the use of GPS technology to locate the geographical position of a service person as soon as he accepts a job which has been assigned to him. Furthermore, it was also necessary that his position be known at every point of time till he reached the customer destination. This was implemented through the app at the customer end by which he could keep track of the location of the service person. It was definite, that this would remove any ambiguity from a customer’s viewpoint as he availed of online services through PAUSA.

Benefits of real time LIVE tracking:

  • Customer who has availed of online services is always aware of the real location of the service person who has been assigned the job of providing service.
  • It displays the optimum path which the service person can take to visit the customer.
  • It helps in providing real time updates to both service provider and customer.
  • A service provider can immediately give another assignment to the service person as soon as he has completed his present assignment.
  • Is a great enabler of transparency between customer, service provider and service person.
  • Provides a customer rich experience from the customer’s side.

Well, the sole purpose of adding features to the application has been to provide the best possible options and features to the service provider providing online services. This shall ultimately lead to bettering the services which the service provider can give to the customers. Conceptualising, designing and developing the application has indeed stretched the boundaries of the team. I am sure when we met on the first day ( link to Blog no 1 ) my friend had not  imagined that he would end up developing such a comprehensive application.


We are nearing the end of the journey of my friend and his team members as they come up with a credible online service provider. There are a few more things which need to be straightened out. Awaiting your company as we proceed forward to discover what the future has in store for them.