How Human Resource Management System will help you enhance your team management at your workplace

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Human Resource Management, came into effect to create a system which would manage the workforce to attain the objectives of an organisation. But, in the first place what was the necessity of developing such a system. You must have seen that in the initial days of enterprise, the units were small in size, home grown businesses. With time, these organisations have scaled up with respect to size and functions. As a result of which, it became almost impossible to manually carry out operations like record maintenance of employees, salary disbursal etc. So, it became a necessity to automate the entire process. This was made easier because of the advances in computer technology which aided the entire process by use of necessary softwares.

Scope of Human Resource Management Systems:

A Human Resource Management System should be capable of automating the following processes: 

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll management
  • Training
  • Leave management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Performance reviews
  • Keeping employee records
  • Employee management
  • Attendance management    

There are some sub processes also which comprise a Human Resource Management System,  but as they are part of the above mentioned processes they are not being mentioned separately.

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How Human Resource Management System helps in solving problems: 

A well designed Human Resource Management System helps in solving the following problems:    

  • Training: Identifying training needs for employees in order to meet requirements of business is a very important part of HRMS. An HRMS system helps in identifying the areas where new business can be anticipated and where the employees stand vis a vis preparedness.   
  • Hiring: HRMS helps in locating areas where hiring may be required after checking the bench strength and projected business growth. This helps in acquiring new recruits for the hiring process.
  • Performance management process: The main aim of a performance management process is to identify leaders and laggards. An HRMS helps in calculating the productivity figures based on which people are identified for leadership roles unproductive workers are put through performance improvement plans. 
  • Rewards and recognition: An HRMS helps in recognising performers (based on productivity figures) who are recognised for their services by giving awards and greater responsibilities within the organisation. 
  • Retention: HRMS helps in identifying resources who are on mission critical roles within the organisation, so that management can take all possible efforts to retain them for their services. 
  • Succession Planning: Succession planning in organisations is of vital importance in companies so that replacements are in place when the top leadership goes into retirement or leaves. HRMS helps in identifying the postions where replacements shall be necessary and accordingly grooms the present employees for the future. 

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