What is going to be the future of Mobile App Development in the next decades?

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future of Mobile App Development

Nowadays people buy groceries, order pizza, call a cab, and do basically everything using the apps they’ve got installed on their smartphones. In this age of constant technological advancement, it certainly is no wonder, with over 179 billion mobile apps downloaded per year, that mobile app development is probably the fastest growing sector with it expanding even more in the coming future.

So what is the future of mobile app development that is in store for us?

1. Wearable smart devices

The latest thing in this technological age is the development of wearable devices. We already have the Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens, and the Apple Watch, but things are gonna get even better. High tech technological gadgets monitoring health, surroundings, and even other devices will be seamlessly integrated into wearable clothes, shoes, etc, becoming not just another gadget, but also an extension of you!

This opens up tremendous new opportunities for companies, app developers, and accessory makers, with wearable devices becoming a complete hub of a personal-area network, which will learn, communicate, and interact with mobile applications to provide relevant information in new and innovative ways about sport, fitness, news, fashion, your surroundings, hobbies, and healthcare, all customised to your preferences. So, we are looking at the future of mobile app development.

2. Internet of Things 

Soon, using Cloud Computing the internet is going to be interconnecting each and everything in our lives. From LED bulbs to Refrigerators to the thermostats, we already have intelligent gadgets which monitor the surroundings, your preferences, and a host of other factors to automatize itself the future of mobile app development is slow and steadly growing.

This is going to get even better with each and every one of these gadgets interconnected with each other, and controllable using your smartphone apps. With all of these together, soon you will even have something close to an A.I butler of your own, which will take care of most of your household chores without you even having to raise a finger!

3. Mobile ECommerce

Mobile ECommerce is another booming industry rising and expanding more and more each day. Each and every company is running behind building a smooth, attractive and user-friendly app for their own company or brand, because the world is rapidly switching to mobile shopping, on the go, in this fast paced life and the future of mobile app development looks bright.

The increasing popularity of applications like Google Wallet, Paytm, and Apple Pay is facilitating users to make purchases using their mobile phone apps, instead of Credit/Debit cards or even cash. Coupled with this, wearable devices able to process transactions directly are also going to play a huge role in the development of ECommerce in the near future.

4. Advanced developer tools 

With thousands and thousands of apps being developed and released every year, developers constantly face a monstrous race against time. Building a mobile app can be strenuous and extremely time-consuming as loads of different factors need to be considered, including the platform, the size of screens, etc.

This is why, in the future, more advanced developer tools, especially ones that make cross-platform app development easier, are going to be designed and built to shorten the amount of time needed, the resources needed, and the expenses incurred the future of mobile app development is evident.

5. Security and User Experience 

Even with the rise of mobile apps and our smartphone-centric life, a large number of users still remain skeptical and unsure about using these apps. This is a result of the constantly evolving security threats of the internet based devices and applications. Security is a huge concern for users, who are worried about the vast amounts of sensitive personal information that gets stored on our phones.

As hackers and cyber criminals become more and more advanced, high-security modules and encryption services are being advanced and perfected so as to prevent loss of data and safeguard users from danger. However, mobile security is currently still at a very nascent stage as it is quite a challenging task for developers, owing to the varied number of 3rd party apps and malware floating on the internet.

However, the new age developer tools, added with the vast number of skilled developers and programmers will bring about a much more robust and extensive means of reinforcing mobile security and enhancing the future of mobile app development.

Already on the way to advancing both in scale and technology, app development is and will continue to be, an ever expanding and progressing industry that will completely revolutionize our lives. In fact, very soon, apps themselves are going to cease to exist separately as we know it! They’re all going to be integrated into one single application, as a separate entity which will be a part of your very life, satisfying all your needs, from ordering food to booking a cab. Till then, we at Vyrazu Labs continue to strive towards adopting the latest technologies available on the market, and innovating our own ideas to develop cutting edge apps which will satisfy all your needs!