Google App Engine, a platform made by developer and for developers:

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Google App Engine platform.

Almost 3 years ago, I came in contact with this platform and I fell in love with it. If you are a developer and trying to build your applications, first of all what comes into mind is that whether my application will be scalable or not. Since a good application gathers users and if you have users you need more resources so scalability comes into the action.

Here I am explaining some of the points which makes this platform better than any other application out there.

Google App Engine has Object oriented datastore support:

In Google App Engine we don’t have the RDBMS support as we have been for the past several years. Instead, this platform provides us a support for datastore which helps us to save data into the form of an object. This provides us an enormous support when we try to search data or scale our application in case of any need.

Multiple Language support in the same platform:

Initially when I started with this platform, it was supporting only two languages namely, Java and Python.
But now this platform provides support for four languages.

Here, for Java and Python and GO you get a support to save your data for free using datastore but if you are using PHP as a development language, you need to enroll yourself for Google Cloud storage.

How does Google App Engine provides scalability:

Google App engine runs on the same hardware architecture in which Google is itself running (said by app engine team). So whenever your application starts getting more traffic,
app engine provides more resources to the system so that it can handle those traffic.
Also, since it runs on the same architecture, it follows the distributed system architecture. Thus, your application becomes distributed on multiple servers and load balancing is easily managed.

How it can help developers:

Google App Engine is free to use for upto 15GB of data and it provides a lot of opportunities to developers who can start with high class resources and a highly scalable system which runs in cloud. So if you are a developer and in search of a good platform Hurry UP !!!

If you are a company who wants to build their application in Google App Engine infrastructure, you can contact us for development or free consultation.

Here in this article I have given you, overall basic knowledge about what Google App Engine is and how it can help developers do miracles.

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