Google App engine some added benefits that you may not have thought off

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Google App Engine Platform.

Google App Engine is considered as a platform where developers can build applications for free without thinking of scalability and hardware resources, since it runs on Google’s own infrastructure.

This is our second blog in which we are focusing on what you can do, except the development aspect of Google App Engine.

If you are not aware with what Google App Engine is, please follow our first blog from this category.

Now I will explain a few things that you can do using Google App Engine.

1) Google App Engine; why not use it as a CDN (content delivery network)

Every file of a project which is running on GAE (Google App Engine) runs inside Google’s infrastructure, the same kind of server which is used to store files of their products.

By considering this we can upload the files and use the path as a CDN.
Example: Suppose we have created an simple app on GAE and named it as (if you dont know how to create a basic app in GAE start from here. )

then every file inside this app will work as a CDN. will work as CDN.
(if you want to know more about how to upload files in GAE follow our blog here )

2)  Use it as the backend for Facebook apps:

If you have done a Facebook App development, you must have seen that to make a facebook app you need a secure a canvas url and for that you need to buy SSL certificates, if you are using your own server for the app development.

But as GAE comes with SSL support i.e whenever you register an app on GAE you get a chance to have the same URL with HTTPS.

So its quite easy to create a Facebook app using a Google App Engine.

If you are a developer you can follow this tutorial to know how you can create a Facebook App or if you are a person who is in search of a Google App Engine developer please contact us.

3) Use it for a custom designed static website

For most of the small business owners the problem comes when they need to start their website. Although there are plenty of different websites that provides us a free website hosting platform but they come with their own designers which is very complex as well as the output is not always what a business owner wants.

The best solution of this problem is to create an static website with basic HTML and CSS by following the same design that you want and then host in on GAE.

Since GAE is a free server so it will be hosting your files forever.

In this post we have tried to give you some good ideas about how we can use Google App Engine for multiple purposes other than just development.

We will be writing the tutorial for each, that we have discussed here, and we will be adding more cool works that you can do using Google App Engine.