Healthcare application development cost

The implementation of ecommerce applications has touched many areas of everyday activities of people. These include finance, business, entertainment etc, so it is but natural that it shall be having an effect on the healthcare segment also.

In order to cater to the requirements of the healthcare sector, a number of apps have been developed which allow patients to avail of medical help by using an app on their smartphones. Medscape, Epocrates, Practo etc are some of the popular medical apps which are currently in use. The healthcare application development cost like the ones mentioned earlier can be made only after having an idea of the complexities involved while designing such apps.

Explore top-rated medical apps to know the Healthcare application development cost

You can think of health apps as programs or software designed for smartphones and offer health-related advice or services.

You can find these health apps available at app stores from where you can purchase them outright. Also, there are some health apps that are free and you need to only register yourself in order to avail of the benefits. In general, health apps offer the following:

  • Help users make choices by offering advice on general health.
  • Help users locate and communicate with doctors.

The advantage of these apps being that they offer the scope of being accessible while on the move and there is no scope of your medical records being lost or tampered as these are electronically stored which makes record keeping much easier.

Why build a medical app:

The healthcare industry has been witnessing a change ever since the introduction of digital apps that are designed to cater to the healthcare needs of the consumer. In the United States alone the total digital healthcare market is predicted to reach 90 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. This represents a tremendous opportunity for those who are interested in healthcare application development and want to enter the digital healthcare segment which can be said to be in its initial stages of development.

How to build a medical app and how to calculate the healthcare application development cost:

Healthcare application development involves many parameters and all of them are equally important. You can have an idea of the healthcare application development cost after going through the below-mentioned points:

Healthcare application development cost: Hardware platform

It’s always advisable to target more than one platform as an app developer for healthcare application development. This gives the scope of your application being available to more people and thus enlarges the possibility of probable customers. So, in addition to smartphones and tablets, you can also keep desktops in mind. The only point to be noted is that users interact with an application differently when the same application is used in smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Healthcare application development cost: Interoperability

This is one of the most important factors to consider during a healthcare application development. There should be the scope of interoperability of information between patient/doctor, doctor/hospital, etc. In fact, the latest healthcare apps are cloud-based in order to facilitate interoperability.

Healthcare application development cost: UI/UX

Healthcare should be so designed that it facilitates ease of use. Additionally, the colors and fonts used in a healthcare application development should be such that it does not convey any negative feelings and the users do not feel stressed while using the application.

Healthcare application development cost: Application Programming Interface

An API is a sort of tool which executes a specific task with a software program. Advertisers and social networking apps take the help of API’s to pass on information in a continuous manner. In the case of healthcare application development, you might need to take the help of APIs to authenticate your device so that it is able to access certain parts of the application.

Healthcare application development cost: Iterative development

It is always advisable to go for iterative healthcare application development in order to come up with well-designed software. As a result, you should follow the Agile methodology which allows programmers to work in an iterative fashion. 

Healthcare application development cost: Security of Data

In order to address security issues, application data are rarely stored on devices these days. Also, in order to increase the efficiency of the overall application, the data of the apps are stored on app servers. App servers are tough to break into even though there should be the usage of the latest encryption methodologies to ensure that data is secure.

Healthcare application development cost: Minimum Viable Product

This is a version of the product which has the most basic elements of the application and is capable of working in a real-time environment. An MVP shall help you in getting genuine feedback from customers which you can try to incorporate in your application when you bring it to the market for your target audience. This does increase the success chance of your healthcare application development.

Healthcare application development cost: Testing

It is most important to test any application before releasing it in the market. In the case of healthcare application development, it becomes all the more important as healthcare applications contain confidential medical data of patients. You can use manual or automatic testing, depending on your choice but the following should activities should be positively carried out:

  • In order to create a real-world scenario, perform the testing with poor connectivity.
  • Set high load and performance benchmarks and see how your designed app performs.
  • Check the compatibility of your app by testing it on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and other browsers.  


Well, you do have a fair idea by now as to what all goes during the healthcare application development and what to consider to calculate healthcare application development cost. Ultimately, it shall boil down to the comfort level which your users shall have while using the app that shall decide the level of its success.

If you happen to have any requirement which necessitates the development of healthcare apps you can safely get in touch with us. Our team of  Android, iOS experts shall see to it that they devise just the right solutions which take care of your needs.

As far as the healthcare application development cost is concerned, just drop a line below with your queries, our team of experts shall be getting in touch with you in order to understand your requirements and discuss the project scope.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions or feedback with regards to the healthcare application development cost being discussed here, do feel free to let me know what is on your mind.

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