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When we need something done or we have to purchase something the first thing that comes in our mind- “Is there an app for that?” Of course, as it has become a habit as if the applications were always there helping mankind. So, whenever we need something done to seek out for an app. There are plenty of apps that will help you sort out your one problem. Anything that we have is in abundance accept the natural resources that are. There are many notable examples of apps that will help you in cleaning your home to fixing your roof. 

Apps like TaskRabbit come into use when it comes to doing home-related jobs, there are also similar app like Taskrabbit which help in making your household tasks easier. In this article we will discuss apps like TaskRabbit and how can you develop such an app if you wanted. The advantage of such apps is that something or the other is always going wrong in our household. And you’re husband won’t be doing it no matter you remind that to him every day. Now, our thoughtful ladies will need an app from where you can hire someone and finally the work will be done. 

We provide a lot of services namely CMS, software development and design, etc just like TaskRabbit finds you a professional for your home we at Vyrazu Labs provide talented developers and designers along with business implementations to make living easy. You must know what TaskRabbit is and what it does. How about I jog your memory a little? 

What is an app like TaskRabbit?

As defined by TaskRabbit itself, dealing with home repairs, moving furniture, running errands and cleaning is taken care of by companies like TaskRabbit. They are responsible for finding you a trusted and skilled person to deal with your household tasks when the customer requires it along with low-cost services. Taskrabbit has a unique feature that it promotes its services by offering $1 million if their customer is not satisfied with the service. This is like a happiness guarantee that they offer. 

Tasks performed by an app like TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit is responsible for jobs which are directly home related. App like TaskRabbit connect with freelancers, companies dealing with household tasks, agencies, etc who will be able to view the jobs being posted by the customers then they will approve the job and get it done by the workers of that company or agency or anyone interested to take up the job.

App like TaskRabbit can be involved with doing a whole lot of tasks like plumbing, repairing, beauty parlor jobs, nanny services, maid services, etc but TaskRabbit has its own set of duties that it works under they are:

  1. Flat-screen TV fixture
  2. Services for installing devices
  3. Hauling and moving services
  4. Hanging shelves and pictures 
  5. Delivery services (all kinds of delivery starting from food to goods)
  6. Assembling furniture
  7. Home improvement and trivial repairs
  8. Services for garden and yard
  9. Home cleaning duties

As you can see that TaskRabbit is just concerned with whatever household jobs you can have. This means they will not be finding someone to beautify you if you need it. But there are other apps who have a vast range of services as TaskRabbit. These similar app like TaskRabbit are not only huge on services even the revenue achieved is high in some apps. 

Alternative app like TaskRabbit

After TaskRabbit was set up there were many other app like TaskRabbit which started showing up after the success spread. The main competitors are Handy, Talklocal,, Porch, Airtasker, HomeAdvisor, Kaodim, Taskus, HelloAlfred and Fiverr. These apps are all similar to TaskRabbit yet some are earning better in terms of both popularity and revenue. Even these apps are responsible for similar services like TaskRabbit, but destiny is so, that it can change for anyone.

However, there are other apps that can be called alternatives for TaskRabbit with similar services spread throughout the earth. 

The app like Taskrabbit can be listed as:

  1. It’s a Bit
  2. CanYa
  3. Superr
  4. Techy
  5. FancyHands
  6. SlaveLabour
  7. Prefer
  8. Helpur
  9. NearBuz
  10. Tasker tree
  11. Task Tender
  12. Zaarly
  13. Ediv
  14. HelpTap
  15. Usource

All these apps can be called an alternative to TaskRabbit. Other app like Taskrabbit are also there in the market while I could just name a few of them. You also might want to know how these apps work or function when it comes to utility? You might have used this app but do you know the exact functions that TaskRabbit offers?

The functions of an app like TaskRabbit

How does the app work?

Taskrabbit has three simple steps that you will have to follow while you visit an app like TaskRabbit. 

  1. Post the task describing it.
  2. Get a professional who matches your requirements.
  3. Finally, get the job done.  

The first step is all about posting your requirement in the app. As you post the requirement you mention the date you need the work to be done, the requirements and at what is the time will the professional knock your door. Are the details you will have to fill in for getting a perfect match for the job.

The second step will involve you to select a perfect match for your job, you will be able to select a professional and complete vetted tasker from the list provided in the app. You will be able to check out their hourly rates and even you can chat with them via the messaging service in the app. After you are done with posting and selecting.

In the third step that particular person will be at your services do the job exactly like you wanted it to be done. After the entire process is over and you are happy to make the payment directly in the app without thinking about paying it in cash.  

The functionalities of the app can be described only when both parts of the app are described separately. Apps like TaskRabbit are divided into two parts. One is the Customer side or Task Posting app and the other one is the service provider or the Tasker. 

The customer side app is for posting jobs and searching out professionals who will be doing those jobs. The customer side app is used to speak with the professionals directly for asking them how much they will charge and if they are free to do the job on the given date.

The service provider will check out the jobs that are being posted see the details of the jobs. These personals are the agencies, companies, individuals who are linked with TaskRabbit. They will be able to see who they have worked with in the past what were the jobs they did and other such details which will help them keep track of the activity they have been doing and the money they have made doing these tasks.

There are subsections of services in apps like TaskRabbit. These sections deal with conversing with both parts of the app providing for resources and actions. This helps in carrying out the tasks effectively and energetically.  This includes other features like support chat, user profile, payment, promo codes, coupons, search, etc.

Development of a TaskRabbit clone app

If you are thinking about developing a TaskRabbit clone app you will have to know about the basics of developing such an app. First, we need to know that while making a TaskRabbit clone app you have to make three different apps one which will be the customer’s app the other one will be the app which the tasker can manage and lastly a content management system (CMS) which will help you organize the content in the app. 

When you make an app like TaskRabbit you will have to concentrate on the basic inclusion for the app. The app will mainly consist of logging in or registering into the app. The rest of the development will be with the Tasker profile followed by a customers profile and a CMS. Making the app compatible for posting jobs should also be integrated into the app.

After the job is done. I mean the app has been created the developers will have another set of tasks that they will have do to maintain support and services towards the app. So, after a TaskRabbit clone app is prepared the developers will keep a check on the taskers’ profile occasionally and check if the account stops suddenly causing problems for the users.

When a job is complete that will have to be removed from the app the messaging service of the app as to be taken care of as well for a problem-free experience. Lastly covering insurance for the app is a huge task. That has to be taken care of.

The features you can add is such an app like TaskRabbit 

  1. Registration and login- For the new users to register and old users to login filling up their basic details like name, email address, mobile number, etc
  2. Search– For searching out a specific task by applying filters 
  3. Categories of Task– A list of task categories for the user to use from 
  4. History- The history of tasks that both the user and the tasker has accessed
  5. Details of the task– Details of the task being entered in the app by the user    
  6. Details of the tasker– Details of the tasker will include the type of work the tasker does along with a detailed explanation of what else is included
  7. Delivery– Different options of delivery must be provided like instant delivery, delivery to another address, etc.
  8. Multiple locations– The users must be able to access the app from different locations
  9. Payment methods– There should be different payment methods for the users to access 
  10. Payment history– The payments that have been made by the users and received by the taskers should be in the apps
  11. Payment tracking– The tasker should have an option of tracking the payment 
  12. Schedule– Scheduling a service using the date and time selector should be present 
  13. Help and Feedback– The users should be able to communicate with you directly via feedback and should access Q&A through the help option
  14. Called Id– The option of a caller identification must be integrated
  15. Rating and Review– Your customer must be able to post a rating and review your app in the Stores

These are a mixture of basic and advanced features that you will have to include in your app. The development process will take almost 3-7 months while designing the app as per the use it might take one more month. After the development and design are over, testing the app will take some time if any problem arises at the time it will be checked and removed only then will the app be delivered to its rightful owner. The cost for integrating these features and the design of a TaskRabbit clone app will cost you near about $17,000 to $40,000. The maintenance and support will be included later.

Revenue generation from an app like TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit was first launched in Apple in February 2008 after that the app has seen some downs in the initial stages but as soon as the funding started coming in from 2011 it never had to look back. In that very year, it made a revenue of $4 million after that the funding started to increase as well as the revenue. As per Owler in 2019 the estimated revenue of TaskRabbit is $5.7 million and the funding has reached $37.8 million. 

What is the future of a TaskRabbit clone app?

The future of the TaskRabbit clone app is bright just like the other app like TaskRabbit. You might be wondering why am I saying this. The reasons are obvious when looked upon critically. When you back to the condition of the market what we can see is development. The app like TaskRabbit are likely to do good in the future as services like TaskRabbit are often needed in households.

There is a lot of demand for app like TaskRabbit as it is the metropolitans are expanding and the society is growing in a busy and occupied life everyone needs someone who will get their job done properly. The main concern is the authenticity and the ability of the tasker to do the job.

With advancing technology and the need for workers who can deal with such jobs that a normal person can do but not like an expert right? There are many people who are thinking, have thought and developed app like TaskRabbit which is successfully running in the market. Moreover, the advanced technology of mobile phones is helping in the development of such apps which is also being used by the customers as they have their devices from which they can access any facility they want.

There are many apps working in the market. Apps like transport, food delivery, services, booking movie tickets, gaming, grocery, cleaning, surveillance, gardening, etc which are making a bigger scope for other apps to come in and function. If you are interested to make a successful cab app like uber, ola or lyft you can read this article.

These apps are productivity apps that help in making daily easy. A lot of revenue can be generated from such apps by providing ads, promotions, affiliate sales, etc. If these apps can be utilized for business purposes then you never know you might end up making a lot of progress in terms of popularity and revenue.

Apps similar to TaskRabbit will keep on growing with the population and with time it will become more advanced as the developers don’t sleep, they are also working on something better right after a product is launched. It might be the case that the features of these apps develop to be even something better.

The typing might disappear forever and everything could be voice-controlled. Just saying. However, with the advancing technology development will never lose its pace. There will always be a requirement for something new and innovative.

Concluding to  

If you are making app like TaskRabbit it will not go to waste. If you had come here to just read and gather knowledge I hope this article gave a proper overview. Please leave a comment and feedback if you think that I have missed out on something.

If you are planning to make a TaskRabbit clone app reach out to us we are a leading software design and development company located in Kolkata who will provide you with a better cost model than any western countries. If you need a consultation call us and feel free to speak with our executives.

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