ffmpeg and ImageMagick php combined library for Image and Video manipulation

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PHP based application programming.

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This our first contribution to all…

We have a php library prepared for Image and Video manipulation using the ffmpeg PHP and ImageMagick

This library contains the following methods:

1.  getSnaps()  : Allows you to get snaps from the video.

2. convertVideo() : Converts video in different formats.

3. sliceVideos() : Cuts the videos into equal parts.

4. resizeImage() : Use it to re-size the images.

5. mergeImage() : Merges two images.

6. getThumbs() : Extracts thumbs from the video

and few more…

Call these methods and place the input parameters to get the suitable media output or you can combine the methods together according to your needs. You can convert videos to all the ffmpeg PHP supported formats such as(mp4,3gp,avi,…) with the kind of resolution you want in the output.

You can also slice the videos into as many parts as you like using the sliceVideos() method. Basically I have created an online video modification tool using the library and want you all to use, explore and modify even more to get the best output.

The ImageMagick part helps you to manipulate the images like, get the aspect ratio or merge two images together in one output.

The most important thing is that we have created a library where you don’t have to know what is ffmpeg PHP and ImageMagick. All you have to do is put the correct location of the ffmpeg PHP module in the __construct() method and pass the required parameters in the methods. THATS IT!!

********  Notes  *******

Please check the following modules are installed in your system or not.

1. GD Library


3. ImageMagick


Click here to download files.

Hope you will find it convenient to use.