How can early adoption of 5G technology improve the productivity of your business

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It was in the year 1980 that the first generation of wireless telecommunication technology came into being. This was aptly named as 1G, since it was the first time that cellular technology was implemented to provide voice services between mobile users. This was followed by 2G services where one could send SMS and MMS in addition to making and receiving calls. 3G technology was introduced in 1998 which bought faster data transmission speeds. This allowed internet services to be made available in mobiles. The current technology in place is 4G where in addition to mobile web access, one can avail of services like gaming, HD mobile TV, video conferencing etc. The next quantum shift shall witness the arrival of 5G technology which is expected to deliver ultra fast internet and give customers a far better multimedia experience.

This is expected to have far reaching consequences, so let’s explore how can early adoption of 5G technology improve the productivity of your business.

Efficient service:

Data transfer rates of 5G ( expected to be 10 Gbps ) shall be about 10 times faster than the present 4G speed ( 100 Mbps ). The difference in speed can be best understood by an example — downloading an HD movie using 4G technology would take around 10 minutes, while the same can happen in less than one second using 5G technology. This shall lead to network connections becoming faster and intelligent devices shall be leveraging this to deliver speedier and accurate results. For more of this go through this link, nbc.

Internet of Things:

The enormous speed which 5G technology shall be providing opens up the possibilities of innumerable devices being connected on a network and communicating with each other via the internet. Also, the networks shall be able to support a large number of devices in such a manner that there is almost zero latency which is what the world of IoT has been waiting for. The internet of things space shall be witnessing huge investments by businesses, we shall be seeing light bulbs, smartphones, wearables etc being connected to a network and communicate with each other at the same time. You can by, early adoption of 5G technology improve the productivity of your business provided you can leverage the advantages of 5G technology into your business processes.

Access to customers:

The possibility of having real time, virtual, face to face interactions with customers shall increase with time as the speed of 5G shall allow almost seamless real time interactions. This shall facilitate a better vendor / customer relationship and many contentious issues which you face with your clients can be easily and efficiently resolved. This in turn is a facilitator of improved productivity.

In case you need to know more, just check on this link of Forbes Technology Council.

Innovative product interaction:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality shall be greatly benefited by the arrival of 5G. AR and VR applications shall help customers try out products in a virtual world before actually purchasing them. With 5G speeds a customer will be able to actually feel as if he/she has tried out a piece of clothing even though he may be many miles away sitting in his/her house.

There is little doubt that 5G is on its way and is here to stay. You can use its manifold advantages in a manner which best suits you to improve the productivity of your enterprise.