Impact of Technology

The impact of technology in our lives has been felt in many spheres of our daily activity. The human race has continuously invented new technologies to make human lives better than before. We have long evolved from the era where the wheel was considered to be the greatest ever the invention of man.

Newer technologies are the result of human curiosity and the need to come up with problem-solving techniques. The impact of technology has led to the creation of useful resources because of which we have all the necessary information at our fingertips. Let us have a detailed look at the impact of technology on our lives.   


In the area of education, we can see a major impact of technology. There is a treasure trove of information available on the internet for you if you want to access them and educate yourself. You have ready-made course materials online where you can enroll yourself and the majority of them are absolutely free.

You have well-researched material available in the form of books, images, videos, and audio material which you can avail of if the need arises. 

The impact of technology in classrooms has to be seen to be felt. Gone are the days of just blackboards and chalks. Nowadays technology is being used in the classroom to make learning a better experience.

Students regularly use devices like iPads to share presentations and view online content. Above all education now has become more convenient, fun, and effective. 

Artificial Intelligence

You surely must have seen science fiction movies at some point in time. Did you ever think that someday that would turn into a reality? Well, we are not exactly there but the rapid advancements which have been made by the branch of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have made intelligent machines to be a part of our everyday lives.

Amazon’s artificial intelligence-enabled assistant Alexa, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant Siri are examples where the impact of technology has been felt in our regular way of life.

This blogpost has a look at the area of Artificial Intelligence and its impact. Do have a look. In the recent past, there have been instances of sophisticated machines being developed that can work with the bare minimum amount of human intervention.

This has made its impact felt in the area of driverless cars and with giants like BMW, Tesla, and Google getting involved in similar projects, it is for sure that self-driven cars will hit the roads much sooner than expected. 


The impact of technology in the area of communications has been felt in a huge manner with smartphones not only invading but becoming an inseparable part of our lives.

Just with a smartphone in hand, you can surf the internet, make financial transactions, do your regular shopping, watch movies, listen to songs, and do activities without even moving from your favorite couch. 

Additionally, there are customized mobile apps that have been developed in order to cater to the needs of the targeted audience. Well, you can trust me on this as developing custom apps for Android and iOS platforms are areas we specialize in.

You can have a look at some of the apps which have been developed by us and our available at Google Play and App Store

Well, in fact, smartphones have changed the way we work and do our daily tasks, so much so that in fact it can perform a lot of activities for which a PC is no longer needed. 


Healthcare is one sector that has felt the impact of technology in a huge manner. The majority of hospitals operating in the healthcare sector have implemented advances in technology while dealing with cases in surgical rooms and intensive care units which has greatly minimized inadvertent mistakes being made by physicians. 

The internet, as you are aware has become an area where people have started visiting to look for solutions to common health-related issues. At the same time, there are sources on the internet and mobile apps which offer suggested remedies, treatments, and ways by which you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our Project Life Force app available at Google Play Store is one such application that caters to individuals facing a shortage of human blood in times of crisis. 

Technology has played a major role in bringing health solutions to people who live in rural areas by enabling physicians to communicate with patients using videos, emails and chat applications like Skype. Overall, it has been the patients who are the beneficiaries. 

Virtual Reality

The impact of technology has made its presence felt in the area of virtual reality. Virtual Reality is a mechanism by which you can experience things that do not exist with the help of your computer system.

In fact, it is an interactive 3D world that has been created with the help of computer technology that can be explored by you in a manner as if you are present there both mentally and physically.

The way advancements are being made in the area of virtual reality, the day is not too far when you can roam around on Mars or swim with whales in the Pacific without even leaving the confines of your home.

Well, this is such a broad area, that in order to do proper justice a separate discussion on the same might be taken up at some point in time in the future. 

The impact of VR is steadily being felt in areas as diverse as gaming applications to applications that are used by the military for conducting training in a simulated environment.

A look at these figures will show that the amount of content being consumed through VR is on the rise and it is going to grow exponentially in the future. So, you can be well prepared that you are going to enjoy the benefits of the application of virtual reality in the times to come.  

Cloud Computing

Just a couple of years ago no one had even thought that computing can be ever done on clouds. Well, I am not talking about the literal meaning of the cloud. By cloud computing, we are talking about the use of various services related to the development, management of software, and its services over the internet.

This is something no one had ever thought of before and the impact of technology has been felt in the area of cloud computing also. 

The immense popularity of social media applications has ensured that there are millions of users on each of these platforms namely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In fact, all social media apps use cloud technology in some form or the other.

If you are in the habit of uploading pictures on Facebook, it might not occur to you then that it is actually getting stored in the cloud. Also, some social media applications are in fact based in the cloud.

The area of entertainment has also felt the impact of technology which was brought about by cloud computing. A lot many people do not realize that applications like Netflix, Apple Play, etc actually use cloud technology while people across the globe are accessing their services. 

Search engines

How can a discussion on the impact of technology in our lives be complete without touching upon the influence which search engines have made in our everyday lives? There was a time in our lives before Google entered the picture and since then our lives have not been the same.

There is just not a single area that has not been touched by it and collectively it can be called one of the singular most inventions of mankind after the invention of the wheel. 

If there is any information that you want to possess, Google has made sure that you will be given more than enough information which you can digest. All you have to do is type your query string in the search bar of Google. What was available in public libraries has been brought to your fingertips.

What is amusing here is that the query may be to find the diameter of Jupiter or how to use a dishwasher, Google gives the answer in less than a second. (I know as I have tried it myself). If you want to know anything about anything- all you have to do is Google it. This is definitely one area where the impact of technology has had a major impact on human lives. 

Also, the advent of search engines has given birth to a specialized knowledge area, known as Search Engine Optimisation which is dedicated to the optimization of web pages so as to fare better in search engine results. We happen to have specialized SEO professionals who are highly skilled in this area and whom you can reach out to if you have any such need for your organization. We can ensure that the impact of technology has a positive effect on your life too. 

Productivity at Workfront

The productivity factor at the workplace has had a positive effect because of the impact of technology. Many tools and applications have been developed which have greatly enhanced the performance level of employees leading to a rise in the overall productivity of an organization. As human resources are the most valuable resources in an organization it is very essential that there should be processes involved that can nurture these assets to perform better.

It shall not be very much out of place if it is stated that the impact of technology has made lives easier for those engaged in the management of human resources. Managing human resources is a critical function. The advent of specialized HR software tools made things simpler as there were modules which could handle specialized functions like:

  • Attendance Management.
  • Salary Management. 
  • Leave Management.
  • Productivity Management etc. 

It is necessary to enlighten you that we are a leading software product company that has developed a cloud-based HR software, very aptly named HRMS which uses the SaaS model of software delivery. It has found acceptance amongst business organizations of different sizes and domains. It contains all the features mentioned above and there are some additional features too.

So, if you are looking for a software system that can fully automate your HR processes you can get in touch with us. The icing on the cake is that you need not go for the whole package but we shall customize the software so that it is able to take care of your specific needs. 

Big Data

Storing data has always been an issue and yes, the impact of technology has been felt here also. In the early days, there were floppy disks which were followed by CDs and pen-drives. Nowadays we live in the world of online storage so storage portals like Dropbox have made their presence felt and have found acceptability and success amongst customers.

There has actually been an explosion of data in many formats around us. Earlier it was a bit difficult for storages to touch the GB scale but nowadays we have smartphones whose internal memory is more than 100 GB. So, we have come so far and the impact of technology has been felt here also as new analytical tools and methodologies have been developed which are capable of handling this humongous amount of data. 

The obvious question arises, who needs this huge data bank and what is its use. The industries which benefit the most from the analysis of big data are the banking sector, marketing organizations, IT, insurance, etc. Big data is in fact, used to get a better idea of customers and their behaviors along with their preferences. Organizations, in fact, use big data analytical tools so that they get a more precise idea of what the customer has in mind.

These are used to study customer preferences and accordingly streamline their product or services to meet the needs of the customer. The impact of technology in Big Data helps in getting informed insights, based on which organizations make business decisions. 

Well, it is for sure that you do have an idea of the impact of technology in our everyday lives. Also, we as the human race have been the beneficiaries of the impact of technology in day to day affairs. Having said that, at our organization we have a habit of practicing the best software development practices while developing software projects. We have specialized team members who are experts in their area of core competence and if you have any software development needs you can get in touch with us for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

Please drop your comments/feedback on how you liked this piece which examined the impact of technology on our everyday lives.

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