How vital is the need of Human Resource Management Software in SME’s

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Human resources are the most vital assets which an organisation possesses. Careful handling of these resources is very important in achieving the objectives of an organisation. This holds good for all organisations, irrespective of the fact whether they fall in the big, midsized or a small unit category. Your organisation surely falls in one of these and you might be well aware of the need to streamline all Human Resource activities.

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Organisational dimension: 

Size of an organisation does matter to some extent but with relation to Human Resource activities there is hardly any difference between SME’s and large organisations. All organisations irrespective of size has to conform to certain basic regulations. The only advantage which an SME can have over larger corporations is in being more flexible as compared to bigger enterprise’s which are bound by certain structures and processes. 

What is HR Management Software:

HR Management Software in general covers almost the whole range of HR activities. It is a software application that automates HR functions with the use of computer technology resulting in efficient management of HR processes.

How can HR Management Software help SME’s:

An HR Management Software can help SME’s by automating the following processes:  

  • Keeping attendance records: Managing attendance records of employees is one of the most beneficial uses of an HRMS as it removes the human element from such tasks, reducing the scope of error and hazards associated with manual storage.  
  • Recruitment: An HRMS system helps in the recruitment process by identifying areas in an organisation where hiring with particular skill sets are needed.  
  • Onboarding: Onboarding processes get streamlined with the help of HRMS tools. 
  • Benefits administration:  Employee benefits like pension benefits, healthcare etc which fall under the benefits administration category are taken care of by HRMS which helps by allocating the benefits which an employee is entitled to depending on factors like age, terms of employment etc. 
  • Managing payroll: Payroll management is totally taken care of by HRMS tools which calculate an employee’s take home salary after taking into account parameters like leave taken, cost to company etc. 
  • Performance management: Appraisal process is entirely taken care of by HRMS  which calculates productivity of an employee using raw data concerning deliverables, leaves taken, overtime etc and then recommending someone for awards, promotion etc. 
  • Employee management: An HRMS contains all information related to an employee like date of joining, qualifications, age, date of birth etc which can be put to use when required. 
  • Report generation: An HRMS can generate real time reports for managers as per requirements.           

Apart from all the above, most importantly — an HR Management Software helps in reducing costs in a big way as the entire application can be handled by a single HR personnel.

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HR Management Software selection:

It is very important to realise that just like companies differ, so does the need for their HR requirement. In fact you may be a bit surprised to know that there is no HRMS tool which can take care of the needs of all companies. Just like you have different shoes for people of different sizes, similarly while selecting an HR Management Software it is important to see that it takes care of the specific needs of your organisation.

HRMS by Vyrazu Labs:

An HRMS tool developed by Vyrazu Labs has been successfully installed at SME’s to take care of their HR systems. It follows the SaaS model of delivery and has been hosted at enterprise software section. This is a highly customisable product which can be configured to take care of your specific needs. The tool helps in automating the following processes:     

  • Payroll Management.
  • Attendance Management.
  • Appraisal Management. 
  • Leave Management.     
  • Employee Management. 

Get in touch: 

Well, as you have seen the benefits of an HRMS tool and how it can be of help in your organisation, it is advisable that you check up the web series to have a look at the product. Also, if you fill up the below form, you can have a free demo. The pricing details are available at the pricing page. Lastly, if you are leading a small organisation of 4 / 5 members you shall have free access to this tool for 3 years. Get in touch.