Importance of Salary management sub system of Human Resource Management Software.

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HR Management Software is a software application that aids in management of human resources with systems in place which take care of data and generate meaningful information. Well, as you know everything that happens, happens for a reason. The development of HR  Management Software took place when computerised systems came around to remove manual activities that were taking care of Human Resource processes. If you look around in major organisations, you will see that a comprehensive HR Management Software is in place which takes care of all HR related work.

Functions of HR Management Software: 

A HR Management Software assists in the following: 

  • Payroll management. 
  • Attendance management. 
  • Leave management. 
  • Employee management. 
  • Appraisal management. 
  • Recruitment. 
  • Benefits administration. 
  • Report generation. 

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Selection of HR Management Software: 

Before you opt to go for a HR Management Software, it is important that you should be clear about the organisational goals of your company. The processes that contribute to the company objectives should also be taken into consideration. It shall also help if you take the HR personnel into the decision making process, as it is they who shall be interacting the most with the Human Resource Management System. It shall be the best fit, if you can get a software which can be customised according to the needs of your company. 

SALARY module of HRMS:  

For your benefit, we shall be considering an existing HR Management Software called HRMS, designed and developed by Vyrazu Labs which is available at enterprise software section. This is a highly customisable system which can be configured according to the needs of the user. It follows the SaaS architectural model and is hosted on a server so that remote users can log in simultaneously. As user data is stored in the system, security has been provided by incorporating the latest techniques in encryption methodologies.

Now, in the case of Payroll management, salary for each employee is calculated through the software after taking into consideration his / her attendance for the current month. This gives the figure for his / her payable days.

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On clicking the salary module, the salary History page comes up, which displays the total no of leaves taken in the current month, payable days, month, year and total salary. 

A sub system within the salary module displays the heads under which the total salary has been broken up like basic pay, conveyance allowance, additional allowance etc which are customisable features and can be configured as per company policy. 

There is another important feature within the salary module. This displays the employee’s pay slip which contains his emp id, total earnings, total deductions and net pay apart from the details like month and year etc. 

A part of the salary system has options which contains the salary history of each employee, so that an HR personnel can refer back to it through the HRMS when required.  

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