Best way to install a Magento extension using FTP

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Magento, a tool for e-commerce applications.

We are giving you a step by step guide to easily install the Magento extension by using FTP-

Step 1: Collect the latest version of the Magento extension from the release notes

Step 2: Remove the earlier extension 

Step 3: Properly Disable the cache-

  • Click system and then cache management
  • Hit the select all option
  • Go to the action list and click Disable
  • Hit the submit

Step 4: Disable the debugging

  • Go to the System then Tools and then Compilation
  • Hit the Disable button

Step 5: Install the extension 

Step 6: Enable Cache

  • Go to the system then Tools and then Compilation
  • Hit the run complication process

Step 6: Refresh the Cache

  • Go to the System and then the Cache Management
  • Hit the Flush Magento Cache
  • Then hit the Flush Cache Storage
  • Hit Flush javascript/CSS cache

Step 7: Log out

Step 8: Log in to the Magento


  • Adobe will not support Magento 1 from June 30, 2020
  • If the installation is successful, you will be able to see the extension configuration menu within the Magento administrative interface
  • Do not forget to clear your browser’s cache