Have an efficient leave management process by the use of the Human Resource Management System

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Leave management is one of the most important parts of employee management in any organisation. Efficient leave management is important because:

It ensures rights of your employee is protected while your organisation does not suffer.

  • It takes care that the productivity of your employee is not impacted as they need some time away from work to be effective at the workplace.
  • World wide research has shown that prudent leave management will have  a huge positive impact on employee morale and output in your organisation.
  • Studies indicate that an efficient leave management system will help in reducing costs significantly at your workplace.

Well, I do have an idea of the difficulty you might face, having been in a similar situation previously. I had to maintain the overall productivity of my project and also ensure that my team members were happy with their vacation plans. So, kindly don’t think that the pain is yours only. But I did come up with a solution which I can share with you.

Human Resource Management tool:

An Human Resource Management tool has a comprehensive leave management system. I shall list the features which best suited my need. 

  • A dashboard mentions the list of all public and company holidays.
  • A detailed leave application subsystem will admit different types of leaves like Earned leave, Casual Leave and Sick Leave.
  • There is an option which shall let your employees avail a half day leave, if required.
  • The system will check the leave eligibility of your employee before grant of leave.
  • Leave history of all your employees is maintained as a separate feature. 
First hand experience:

In addition to all of the above, the tool used by me gives me the scope to create, manage and execute leave policies with ease. Also, the tool can be customised as per your requirements since policy rules are bound to differ between our different organisations. Hence, inclusion or exclusion of different types of leaves remain customisable features. The USP of the system is:  

  • It shall help in performance appraisal of your team members.
  • It will help in promoting transparency amongst employees.
  • It has latest security features with encryption methodologies.


Check for yourself:

Vyrazu Labs

If you feel you would like to be a beneficiary of my experience, check the pricing page for pricing details and have a look at the web series to get a first hand demo on the working of the product which is available at Enterprise. I am sure you may want to have a free demo, just fill up the form below to get one. Lastly, if you  are heading a small organisation of 4 /5 members, you shall have free access to this tool for 3 years. Get in touch.