Leverage your HR functions by judicious use of the Leave management subsystem of Human Resource Management software

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An HR Management Software is a comprehensive system that automates HR functions by the use of software applications. Automation of payroll processes and management of workforce by the use of computers was started in the 1970’s. As you are aware, the coming decades saw a massive jump in the computational capabilities of computers. This had an exponential effect on the softwares that were being developed at that time. As a consequence, many extensive systems started getting developed by software vendors which took care of HR centred activities, one of them being HR Management Software.

Web based HR Management Software: 

It was in the 1990’s that the traditional client server architecture, as known to you and me started taking a back seat. The internet started to grow by leaps and bounds, service providers were quick to have an idea about its power and the impact it would have on the applications in the coming future. Thus, was born the concept of cloud computing and soon many HR service providers started to offer cloud based HR software solutions. The advantage of such systems was that the software was loaded on a server and employees based in remote locations could concurrently access the system. 

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The beginning of the 2000’s saw the specialisations of software services. If you check, you shall see that it was during this time that many software systems were designed which took care of specific areas like payroll, recruitments etc as compared to the earlier systems which took care of almost everything, like ERP systems for example.

Leave module of HR Management Software: 

Leave management is one of the most important features of HR Management Software. The total no of leaves taken by an employee in a month has an effect on the monthly salary of an employee as the number of payable days are calculated after deduction of number of days of leave taken. This also sometimes affects the productivity of an employee and thus has an affect on the Performance Appraisal process. 

An HRMS system developed at Vyrazu Labs and available at the enterprise section of the server has a detailed Leave Management module. The system is capable of accepting leave requests of employees, depending on the type of leave, whether casual, half-day etc. A separate sub system – Leave History contains the details of the leaves availed of by an employee with Start Date, End Date, Leave Status etc. In order to avail leave, all that an employee has to do is to fill up the leave application form, mentioning the type of leave. The system automatically forwards it to the concerned personnel to take necessary action.

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Apart from the above mentioned features, the HRMS automates the following processes: 

  • Employee Management.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Attendance Management.
  • Appraisal Management.
  • Leave Management. 

This system has been successfully installed and is in use in many  organisations. The protection of user data is ensured by use of encryption technologies. As it incorporates the SaaS model of delivery, remote users can log in to the system without any difficulties.

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