Adobe plus Magento means a world of opportunities for Magento E-Commerce Solution provider Vyrazu Labs

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The acquisition of Magento by Adobe for $1.68 billion has been on expected lines. SAP, Oracle and Salesforce the competitive rivals of Adobe, already had a presence in the e-commerce space. Adobe was missing out on incoming business possibilities in this domain. The answer lay in entering this space either organically by developing a product of their own or inorganically by the path of mergers and acquisition. Adobe chose the latter option and after flirting around with many suitors finally settled for a marriage with Magento. This partnership has opened up a world of opportunities for Vyrazu Labs owing to its expertise in developing systems using Magento.

Why Adobe chose Magento? 

  • Tap Magento customer base: Magento already has an existing customer base who shall come under Adobe’s patronage after the completion of the deal. 
  • Market Experience Cloud: This shall be a good opportunity for Adobe to market Experience Cloud products to smaller businesses.
  • Target big business: Adobe has the scope of using Experience Cloud as a starting point to sell Magento to large corporations.
  • Magento is open source: Even though Magento is open source, it has proprietary enhancements where users are required to pay a fee, this coupled with the huge number of existing customers translates into huge business.
  • Magento supporters: Magento has 300,000 developers as a part of the community which supports the Magento platform. From Adobe’s point of view, this ensures that Magento has a powerful support system which can take care of issues like security, 24/7 support etc. 

Benefits for Magento:

  • Greater access: Being a part of Adobe means that Magento will have a much stronger support in terms of resources which includes financial as well as technical resources.
  • Enterprise market: Magento has already made inroads into the enterprise sector. With Adobe, watching its back, Magento is poised to become one of the leading players amongst the cloud service providers due to its Magento Cloud.
  • Higher growth: The existing enterprise customer base of Adobe shall automatically end up using Magento, in one version or the other. This shall in due course of time result in a much higher rate of growth for Magento and a new world of opportunities.

Experience of Vyrazu Labs with Magento:

Vyrazu Labs has been a product development company and also a service provider of software for domestic and international clients. We have developed solutions for clients in the e-commerce space. Due to client requirements, we had to use Magento on a number of occasions which helped in us gaining requisite expertise in this area. A few of our notable clients for whom we have developed Magento based projects at our development centre are: 

Simaaya – An online store which has the best collection of designer suits, lehengas, sarees and dress materials.

Forbit – If you are looking for a place online where you can find everything you are looking for, starting from stationary, furniture to the latest smartphones — just drop in at this site.

Alfatec – This is a UK based online store which supplies consumables, electronic office equipment and general office products to companies and individuals throughout the United Kingdom.

Get in touch:

Our team of Magento experts have successfully executed many Magento based projects. Now with Adobe and Magento coming together, this opens up a world of opportunities for Vyrazu Labs. We are sure that the technical options provided by Magento is sure to get better and with Adobe behind them we are prepared for a whole new digital experience.

If you are looking for some real action on the Magento front get in touch with us. Our team of dedicated Magento experts will drill down your requirements and come up with an architecture applicable to your needs. You shall be handed a solution which suitably incorporates the best features of Magento and serves the purpose for which it was developed.