All you need to know about Magento eCommerce development

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Magento has earned its rightful place to be one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. As it is open source, developers can play around with its features and customize it as per requirements of the application. At the same time, since an enterprise edition is available, larger businesses can create online hypermarkets with thousands of products having hundreds of options. You can do the same with the help of magento ecommerce development. The steps/process of magento ecommerce development are discussed below for your ease-

1. Magento ecommerce development: Hosting

When it comes to magento ecommerce development, You have the option to choose from Magento Open Source ( free version) and Magento Commerce ( enterprise version ). For purposes of simplicity let us go for the free version of Magento. Now, the next task shall be to pre-install Magento on your server. If you are not too technical or don’t have prior experience, it’s advisable that you get hold of a magento ecommerce development company who will do the installation on your server for you.

2. Magento ecommerce development: Designing

For design purposes, there are thousands of designs which are available with some of them being absolutely free which can be plugged right away into the store you are designing. A design with a professional theme should set you back by $100 approximately. Here you shall just have to change the logo but if you want to engage a professional to design a theme exclusively for yourself, that shall be costing many times more. Well, one important thing — when shopping for designs search for those which are marked ‘Responsive’. This shall ensure that your selected design looks good on all devices whatever their screen size (mobiles, tablets etc). Well, you have just started on your journey of magento ecommerce development.

3. Magento ecommerce development: Catalog set up

Now, you have a store in your hands. The next step is to build your catalog which showcases all your products which you intend to display for the customer. It should contain the entire product list and the attributes related to each individual product.

4. Magento ecommerce development: Payment methods

There can be several modes of payment. Choose one payment system which supports online money transfers and can be easily integrated with your online store. You have a range of options and can choose from PayPal, SagePay etc. Remember, this is one of the most important activities which you have to undertake by which you can make successful magento ecommerce development.

5. Magento ecommerce development: Emailing

As a magento ecommerce development company, we can say that when magento is there, there is minimum to zero additional tasks. Magento comes equipped with an emailing system which helps in carrying out transactions. As for eg, when someone places an order an email goes out which is system generated. Just have a look at System>Transactional emails option.       

6. Magento ecommerce development: Marketing

Marketing your store in the right manner can be done by the means of search engine optimization, email marketing, pay for click advertising, using social media and undertaking PR campaigns. The aim of all these activities is to present your store in a manner which appeals to the customer and increases the number of visitors. Marketing your store in an appropriate manner is a core activity which you shall have to undertake by which you can make an e-commerce website using Magento. Or any magento ecommerce development company will follow the same process.

7. Magento ecommerce development: Analytics

Decisions which affect sales should be backed by hard data and facts. This statistical data can be generated by the proper use of Google Analytics. Information churned after mining this statistical data can lead the way to make sound decisions which affect the sales of merchandise from your store.

8. Magento ecommerce development: New features

Now that you have a proper online store which has become operational, you have to consistently find ways to add new functionality to your customers. As for eg, you just might want to start a customer loyalty program. Now, initiatives like these can be very easily handled by the usage of extensions available at Magento Marketplace. All you have to do is download these extensions and install them.

If you have judiciously gone through the above stepwise process it is for sure that you can make an e-commerce website using Magento.

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