Here’s how you can make your own app like Ola and Uber, for your taxi booking service!

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make your own app like Ola and Uber

With the booming success of Uber and Ola, several companies have already joined the competition, building their own cab service apps, and trying to make it even better, to take advantage of the prospects that this industry offers. The reason behind the tremendous success of these two companies, is the amazing taxi booking software they have created, which makes calling a cab and paying for it fast, easy, and hassle-free! So how can you also make your own app like Ola and Uber, which will be best suited for the current market?

1. User Profile

In order to provide a more customized experience, a user profile should need to be created the first time he uses the app. It should have their photo, mobile number and E-Mail ID saved on the database for future rides. There also needs to be clear and easy options to edit their profile, such as changing the password, E-Mail ID, etc.

2. Efficient and effective hosting service

Hosting an app is an extremely important factor, whether it’s an iPhone app or Android app. To make your own app like Ola and Uber, it needs to be hosted effectively without running up high levels of expenses, and as soon as that is done, you can list your app on any platform you want to. Along with hosting, however, you need to be very particular while selecting your domain name. It should be simple and easy to remember, so as to familiarize itself with the users.

3. Fully Customized application

Probably one of the most important factors which determine a user’s attraction towards your app, the script that you use for it needs to have well-defined and easy customizability. It should correspond to the needs of your business model, and should also be visually attractive and engaging, so as to retain the customer’s interest. Instead of going for a complex layout with countless different options and features, it should be simplistic, and let the customer know the offers and features you provide when you make your own app like Ola and Uber, without having to look for them.

4. Utilizing latest Technologies

With the advancement of technology, more and more features keep getting added to our smartphones. Features like Voice recognition, proximity sensor, GPS, etc are nowadays commonplace among almost every smartphone out there. So when you make your own app like Ola and Uber, you will need to always try your best to incorporate the latest technologies into your apps, as people will prefer using ones which offer these features to ones that don’t. Your app must also match the screen resolution of the user, so as not to be too clunky or disproportionate.

5. Driver details and communication

One of the most important things you need to focus on, and a must for any taxi booking app, driver details need to be displayed straight up, and without ambiguity. While booking a ride, the user must have a list of available drivers, the cab types available, along with their location on map/satellite view of Google maps, the estimated time it would take to reach, as well as the base price and rate card when you make your own app like Ola and Uber.

In order to make the tracking more efficient, you would need the Google Maps API for Work license for asset tracking, and should get in touch with Google support for the pricing. Your app should also have a feature where, if the customer enters his destination, he would be presented with a real-time estimate of the fare. Once the ride is booked, a confirmation notification, along with the driver’s contact number needs to be sent to the customer via SMS, E-Mail, and/or Push notification. Additionally, there should also be an option of contacting the driver directly through the app, and the position of the cab should also be trackable in real time, through maps.

6. User feedback

User feedback is essential for any service like this, as it helps add to the transparency and authenticity of your services, and thereby, the app. Furthermore, it also becomes a way for customers to let you know about the difficulties they faced, which can then be improved. Several apps make the feedback mandatory before booking the next ride, to ensure customers do not ignore it. However, it needs to be short and to the point, such as a mandatory rating feature, accompanied by an optional comment field.

7. Travel History

To make things easier when you make your own app like Ola and Uber for regular users, the app should be able to remember and save their travel history, along with an option to add a name to it, such as home, work, etc, so that the customer can instantly book a ride in seconds.

8. Payment Options

With E-wallets like Paytm, Google wallet, and others becoming more and more popular, integrating them into your app when you make your own app like Ola and Uber. However, the best practice is to provide these features along with an option to pay in cash, since a lot of users even now remain skeptical about online payment. The E-wallets work using smart card payments, and the payment is automatically processed when the user reaches his destination. This also helps generate inter-promotion, since a commission is taken by the webmasters while the remaining credit gets added to the driver’s wallet.

9. Advanced Features

You can insert some advanced features that will help you increase traffic in your app. With advancing technologies and ideas newer features are emerging. Adding one or two such features will only do good rather than any harm. Features like scheduling a ride, which will allow your users to book for later. A service history tracker which can guide your users to check where and when they have been to. Introducing an option like splitting charges will help the youngster traveling together, with this feature they can split charges using their smart wallets.

Pool service is rather famous which helps to cut costs in terms of travel. This feature allows other users to book their rides and according pay their fare share. Another advanced feature that was introduced is the panic button which as soon as the user entire the cab activates allowing the user to press it when in danger. This button will notify the police station, cab authority (that is you), and the family members of the user about their whereabouts in a fraction of seconds.

So there you go! If you keep all of these in mind, and cleverly market your app, you might soon end up becoming one of the biggest competitors to Ola and Uber, yourself!