Mobile apps developed to help service providers deliver better online services

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The last time, we had talked ( link to Blog no 6) about one of the salient features of the application, which shall be the main differentiating factor between itself and its nearest competitors. Also, having taken a contrarian approach ( link to Blog no 5 ) the team members and my friend visualised service providers to be the intended audience. The aim was to enable service providers deliver better online services to their customers.

The impact of technology:

We live in a world where we are surrounded by the impacts which technology has created for us. It is thanks to smartphones and their numerous applications that the entire world has come to rest on our hands. There are various types of smartphones which also differ in their native operating systems and their screen sizes, so devising any application on smartphones does take much of an effort. Having said that, it can be said that an application shall not be able to deliver efficient online services unless there is a mobile component attached to it.

PAUSA keeps up with technology:

As you are already aware by now, a lot of effort has gone into the making of the application which shall allow service providers to better their online services to their customers. Having spent so much on the development of this application in terms of the man hours which went behind the design and development of the system, the team understood that it would be grave injustice if it did not have a mobile component. The team had to embark on a new challenge — to devise mobile apps for PAUSA so that it can be a gamechanger in the area of online services.

One step at a time:

It is quite easy to visualise one thing but a very different ball game when it comes to translating that idea into reality. Devising a mobile app would mean that the app should be compatible with different operating systems and their various versions. Also, the app should be compatible with different smartphones which means  it should appear in the same manner in all hand held phones irrespective of the screen size. This was a huge task and would involve usage of the latest in mobile software and telecommunication.

The next step:

It was decided that the first app should be the one which the customer would use while requesting for online services. This should be very user friendly so that even a layman can use it and also offer the full range of services being provided by the service provider. The next app should be designed keeping the service person in mind who shall be going to deliver the service. The app of the customer shall be the interface with the service provider’s application who in turn shall be contacting the service person on his app. As soon as the service person is told about the customer request, he contacts the customer and this serves as the line of direct communication between the service person and the customer. The team took a wise decision, to keep the service provider equipped with  a desktop application instead of an app as he would be needing a comprehensive system which would need some data storage support to keep stock of inventory and order status. Devising a real time online services provider would mean the perfect amalgamation of all these individual applications.

Objective achieved:

Needless to say it was a herculean effort on the part of the design and development team but they rose to the occasion. The team was able to develop the apps in the most optimum time. Also, a lot of credit goes to the testing team who provided the strong support of testing all the functionalities of the system along with all possible test case scenarios. The team hopes that the effort is rewarded in future and the application goes on to take care of the needs of the service providers while they offer their online services. PAUSA, an online service provider for


Starting from the incident ( link to Blog no 1) where my friend had to miss his flight and having arrived here, where the application has been developed, a significant part of the journey has been covered. Yet, a significant part still remains. The team hopes that it is able to fulfill the objective it had set out to meet.