This is how Mobile ECommerce apps can help companies increase their sales!

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Mobile ECommerce apps

The ECommerce industry, especially in India, has been growing at an incredible rate during the last decade. And it started off simply through websites, which people accessed from their computers. However, with the rise of the smartphone age, web-based ECommerce is gradually losing out to Mobile ECommerce apps.

Mobile ECommerce apps

In light of that, developing a mobile ECommerce app has become as important, if not more, as developing an ECommerce website, for increasing sales. Mobile marketing is exceptionally useful for small scale and large scale ECommerce stores. In order to stay ahead of your competitors or even match up to them, you need to effectively utilize the potential of Mobile ECommerce apps for your ECommerce business.

Also, studies show that 41% of ECommerce sales and 65% of India’s internet traffic comes from Mobile. So, it certainly makes sense to put greater emphasis on building mobile apps.So let’s take a look at the significance of Mobile ECommerce apps for a successful ECommerce business, as well as find out how Mobile applications help improve your ECommerce sales.

Mobile ECommerce apps

So let’s take a look at the significance of Mobile applications for a successful ECommerce business, as well as find out how Mobile ECommerce apps help improve your sales.

1. Quick, easy ordering on the go

Using a mobile ECommerce app, your customers will be able to place orders for the products they want, from anywhere, and anytime, using their smartphones or tablets. The compact but easy to use design helps people find exactly what they’re looking for, in the blink of an eye. And the easier it is for a user to find what they are looking for, the greater the chance of them actually making the purchase.

2. Option of Push Notifications 

Push notifications in mobile ECommerce apps are the easiest way to let your customers know about latest offers, new arrivals, discounts, etc, without being too obtrusive. Once the app is installed on your phone, any latest updates pop up on screen through Push notifications. Users can simply pick up the phone, check the notification, and purchase through them directly. This is a lot more effective than promotional emails which hardly anyone ever even checks!

3. Option to compare

Another way you can greatly improve your sales is by giving your users an option to compare prices, specifications, features of your products through the mobile ECommerce apps. Side by side product comparisons, along with user reviews is a big boon for users as it negates a lot of the stress, hassle, and complications of going through 5 different websites to get the best deal!

4. Loading Speed

In this age of fast-paced life, a website that takes too long to load won’t hold a customer’s attention for too long. And it has been found that an mobile ECommerce apps loads a lot faster than a mobile ECommerce site, in an area of poor Network coverage. It’s even been found that a delay of 1 second in loading time causes a drop in the conversion rate by about 7%!

5. Easy Payment options

Customers can carry out their internet shopping in just a few clicks, using a mobile ECommerce app, as they’re already customized to the user’s preferences. So paying with wallets like Paytm or Google wallet becomes a lot easier, and safe, providing features like secure transaction gateway. For example, Apple Pay lets consumers complete their in-store/in-app purchase by simply pressing their finger to their phone for a while, and they are immediately identified and the payment approved!

6. Offers and Benefits 

Another feature offered by mobile ECommerce apps is the vast number of offers, referral services, and discount codes that users have access to while using mobile based apps. This, in turn, helps gain even more customers because by giving a referral, a customer gets a discount, and another new user joins your customer base. For example, Starbucks offers reward points which can be redeemed for free song downloads, free apps, and even free beverages!

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