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The arrival of the mobile phone has given birth to an entire industry that took shape by designing Apps that catered to their specific customer segment. The customers, in turn, had specific requirements which were addressed by these mobile apps. It was just a matter of time before mobile apps got categorised as per the domain areas which were served by them, namely:

  • Lifestyle mobile apps.
  • Social media mobile apps. 
  • Utility mobile apps etc.

Accordingly, we at Vyrazu Labs, have developed an app that demonstrates our capabilities in developing software solutions in the mobile segment for customers who have specific requirements. This app was designed and developed at our developmental center, has been named Mock location and more and is available at Google Play for users. In fact, it is an endorsement of our technical abilities to showcase to businesses that they can use this app for their specific needs and achieve efficiency in their business processes. 

This app has been developed keeping certain sections of the industry in mind. It is our estimate that this app shall serve the purpose of the following companies who shall find it is simple and easy to use features quite handy: 

  • Courier companies.
  • Transport companies.
  • Offline advertisement companies who want to create apps for their offline ad placements. 
  • Companies who want to create apps like Uber, Lyft or Ola. 
  • Companies that operate in the dating segment like Happen, Tinder (location-based ), etc.

One of the main features of Location-based Apps is that it gives users the independence of having their own API keys needed to access the app since this app uses Google Map API functions. The instructions are very lucidly defined in the “Settings” section of the app which a user can go through and accordingly create their own API keys. It need not be mentioned that if you were to face any difficulty in doing so, our support services can be reached to take care of your issues.

This app can be used by businesses who want to take advantage of map location software which helps locate the geographical position of a person. Accordingly, location-based apps can help in doing the following for you, once you have downloaded and installed it on your mobile: 

  • Using these location-based apps you can display your geographical position at the exact location where you want to be seen. So, if someone were to look for you when this app was active, he would see you at the precise position which the map of this app would display. 
  • This app shall display the path taken by you based on the source and destination which you feed as inputs to this app. So, if you were to give two locational points as inputs to this app, then someone else using a map locational software/app would see you moving towards the destination location, starting from the source location as mentioned in this app. 
  • If you were to use location-based apps, it would display and keep a detailed record of the actual path taken by you during the time interval you choose. Additionally, you shall have access to statistical data like the altitude, etc of the path which you were traversing. 

The potential of location-based apps’ is enormous as businesses belonging to different domains shall be able to leverage its potential to display appropriate geographical locations as and when required. This is sure to attract interest from organisations whose core areas of business are:

  • Logistics
  • Offline advertisers
  • Supply Chain Management, etc just to name a few.

Our location-based app was developed using the Android platform. If you feel that this app interests you, we will be glad if you got in touch with us for a FREE CONSULTATION. We shall be happy to work out things so as to devise business solutions which take care of your needs. All you have to do is to get in touch.

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