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Why Choose Vyrazu Labs for Native Application Development?

Native Application Development- offering you the utmost benefits via a native application is our responsibility. No matter which type of business you are running, going for Native Application Development can make you understand the new definitions of growth and success.

  • 24x7 Unwavering Support : we are 24/7 online for our clients. Loading time issues to any functional error caused by you- we are always ready to solve that within minutes. Just a call or an email and the rest will be managed by our knights.
  • Flexible Hiring: if you need a team of native app developers for single/multiple projects, you can easily hire experts from Vyrazu Labs. We have highly-expert and dedicated developers who perform amazingly for our clients until the completion of native application development.
  • Save Time & Money: No more you need to break your bank for having a native application for your business. Vyrazu Labs offer amazing native application development services in a cost-effective manner. Our cost-effective services make startups and SMEs grow faster.
  • Great customer service: Vyrazu Labs believes in quality and versatility. And that’s why we do everything possible that makes our clients grow faster than their competitors. We are 24/7 at service for our clients.

Perks of going for Native Application Development

Having a native application development by Vyrazu Labs means a world of new opportunities that can make you win

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Fast and seamless

Due to the simple native application development process, many businesses prefer to have a native app. We choose features that are able to easily prevent any delay while applying changes and we can see the changes instantly.

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Cost Effective

Cost-effective- with the help of the right technology developers can easily debug programs. In order to debug, they can easily change the code and analyze results. And that’s why offering native application development services in a cost-effective way has become possible for us.

UI Uniformity On All Platforms

Here, we do not require UI components specific to a platform to design the interface. We choose technologies like Flutter because no other application frameworks available today comes with a cross-platform UI code. Going for native application development means gaining more than the investment.

Native Application Development
Fast app launch

When we perform native application development using Flutter or related technologies, there is no need to develop apps for different platforms. And as a result, we can save a lot of time. Along with this, these technologies come with a declarative framework for changing the UI. and it simply accelerates the pace of development.

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Video Testimonial

Satisfying clients with various requirements feels exciting to us. But what they feel to work with Vyrazu Labs-that you can easily know from our video testimonials. From the videos, you will understand how far we go actually when it comes to satisfying clients with complex business requirements.

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Technologies we prefer to use for Native Application development


We always use trendy yet tried and tested technologies to ensure the success of the development. We do not apply any untested solutions to the clients’ projects.


  • Language – Objective C / Swift
  • Framework –Cocoa Touch
  • IDE – XCode

after analyzing the project requirements properly, we decide on the best languages that really makes a difference.


  • Language – Java based Android SDK
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • RetroFit & Dagger

the success of the development depends on the database selection at a greater level. And that’s why we always go for the strongest options available in the market.


  • Language – Java based Android SDK
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • RetroFit & Dagger

Having the right IDE means the development task is going to be completed soon. We always work with the best IDE for accelerating the development pace.


  • Language – Java based Android SDK
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • RetroFit & Dagger

Mobile Work Portfolio

Hire the best native app developers from Vyrazu Labs

We follow an effective & dedicated process to connect our clients with the best native app experts.
Steps our native application development process includes:

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Knowing your requirements

Once you share your interest or requirement by writing to us or just by calling, our consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the project in detail. It is the very first step of our native application development process. In this step, you can share all your requirements such as team size, tech stack, business goals, and so on.

Shortlisting the best ones

Once we know everything about your native application development requirements and business goals, we start shortlisting the best candidates for your project. We only shortlist the candidates who are experienced with the type of project and have the required skills with expertise. We also ask clients to know their preferences.

Resume sharing

After shortlisting the best candidates, we will share the resumes of our candidates with the client. If the client approves the team selection, we will instantly move to the next step. If the client is not satisfied with the candidates, we will do the shortlisting again.

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Connecting with the project manager

After getting approval for the native application development team from the client, we will connect the client with an efficient project manager. Our project manager will be the point of contact. He/she will share the project life cycle and related updates with the client on a regular basis.

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Paperwork for the project

Once we and the client are ready with the best team and requirement analysis, we will draft a contract. Our paperwork will highlight some facts such as the size of the development, timeframe, deliverables, goals, and so on. This paperwork will guide both parties throughout the entire process.

Team onboarding

After successful completion of the paperwork, we will be all set to start the actual native application development work. In this step, the client will be able to track each and everything related to the development and discuss it with the team directly.

Rich Skills

Skills that make Vyrazu Labs different from others- We have a dynamic workforce that can serve you with solutions to let you conquer easily.

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Knowledge of Programming languages

No matter if you are going to work with us or any other native application development company, while choosing developers, you should always check that developers are rich with the knowledge of native application development for different platforms or not.

Without having prior working experience with native application development offering the perfect app solution for your business will be an impossible job. Hopefully, our native app development knights are well-versed with all the technologies and trends of native app development and able to offer the best in the industry.

Well-experienced with frameworks

There are so many frameworks available today. Some of them are completely new in the market. You should choose developers who are well-experienced with frameworks. Developers with knowledge and working experience with frameworks like Xamarin or React Native will be ideal.

If you have web development requirements, we will suggest choosing a development team that is well familiar with ReactJS and AngularJS. Knowledge of these frameworks indicates that they are going to deliver you quality work within the deadline.

Full-stack development

It is also important that full-stack developers with good grip over building and managing databases by using SQL and other front-end and back-end technologies. These technologies should complement each other and perform together otherwise providing a seamless experience will not be possible for developers.

Along with this, our developers have a sound understanding of OOPS concepts and they are also able to perform server-side development. And that’s why we are able to perform next-gen native application development.

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Fundamental concepts and norms

There are some important fundamental concepts and norms that your chosen developer should well familiar with such as MVC architecture, responsive design, along working experience with a high-level programming language.

When it comes to Android developers, we will say the same thing again that your chosen developers should have the required understanding of UI/UX interaction and limited resource optimization. Hopefully, our developers are properly familiar with all such facts and measures and able to offer you the best quality services.

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You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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450+ successful products with 394+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA