Catch up on the On Demand Service App and How They Can be Utilized in Real-Time

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When we set our foot outside our houses without our personal vehicle, the next thing we worry about is which transport to avail. The busy streets and overwhelming traffic have pushed us to use an on demand service app. These apps will actually help us locate our transport or avail one by directly booking it from the app. There are many kinds of on-demand cab services and rental services for transport vehicles. Specifically, this industry has gained a lot of fame and is one of the most profitable businesses that are on the rise. 

The fad of on demand service app development has clutched us into developing several on-demand services for our clients in Vyrazu Labs. No doubt that the on-demand cab has efficiently worked its way up in the technology sector. The call for more services like these has raised a certain pull for the development of on demand service app. These apps are expected to be more and more unique features that will allow the users to customize the app as per their requirements. 

The use of on demand service app has increased to such an extent that nowadays almost everyone is using these services tasks as small as going to the market. If you are thinking about making your own on demand service app it is not too late. How about you let this article guide you in deciding whether you should or shouldn’t opt for the development of an on demand service app. If you are determined to make the development of the best on demand service app then why wait just contact us. We are splitting this article into three halves for your reading convenience. 

This article deals with vehicles in which the user moves from Point A to Point B in the same day, the next article will be when the service provider moves from Point A to Point B and the third article will deal with on-demand applications that don’t operate in the same day and the service provider moves from Point A to Point B. However, I should mention that we are writing these articles to portray that we are capable of developing these kinds of apps as well as the how many different implementations exist for on-demand services.

An Introduction to on demand service app

The on demand service app is accounted for as the interposition between the customer and the business providers from different sectors. These apps make sure that the user can book any kind of services using these apps. The user not only will be able to easily use the on demand service app but also will be able to order something just with a few clicks. Ranging from booking a ride to ordering food, household requirement services, grocery, massage, etc. This is convenient as well as helps to save a lot of time for the users. 

The business owners have made sure to use this rising demand for on demand service app as a tool to enhance their online business reputation and growth. One of the most used on-demand apps is UberX, here X implies any services or products that have to be delivered to the users. The urbanization has drastically changed the outlook of proceeding with business. It has definitely increased the competition among the stakeholders. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are opting for developing on demand service app keeping pace with the trend. 

Maximum startup businesses are revolving around the on demand service app, which is being drafted carefully by the software development companies. The only way to avoid having the same design many are opting for outsourcing their tasks to eastern countries. Even this has reasons like the cost is less in eastern countries, the quality is not compromised, and we will be able to build your unique apps. When you provide us with your requirements and designs we will make sure to implement the exact details and serve an even better on demand service app than that you expected. 

When we are talking about the on demand service app development I can’t help but mention that the guidelines that you have to follow:

  1. Conduct market research to determine your target audience. 
  2. Make a plan for your entire project.
  3. Get the paperwork ready that has to be sent to the development company.
  4. Make sure you select a trustworthy company.
  5. When you design the app keep in mind to produce a simple UI and UX.
  6. Don’t forget to make a list of features that you want to include in your app.
  7. Have the company verify your plan before they begin.
  8. Keep constant contact with the company to check up on the on demand service app development.  
  9. Before the development process can start to determine the platform you want to launch the app in, i.e. Android or iOS or both.   
  10. Make a proper list of payment gateways that your target audience uses. 
  11. Launch a prototype of the app to check how well it performs in a given time.

The types of on demand service app

There are many types of on-demand service apps that are designed to help our day to day lifestyle. Whenever we are stuck in something we look to search out an app that will help us get out of the conflict. The first thing that we look forward to is an on demand service app that will help us get out of the stuck situation that we had gotten ourselves into. There are typically three types ofon-demand service apps:

  1. Business to Business(B2B) or Enterprise to Enterprise (E2E)

    This on-demand service as the name suggests is for delivery of goods or services from one company to the other. For example, when an ecommerce website needs the goods they will obviously purchase it from another company to get the goods in abundance. There are apps i.e. on demand service app that help two businesses connect with each other so that the delivery can be done instantly.   

  2. Business to Consumer(B2C) or Enterprise to Person(E2P)

    This is an on demand service app that directly connects the business or enterprises with its consumers. With the help of this app, you can buy products or services from a company directly. Suppose you want to purchase food you will go to an app that delivers food and directly orders the food from the company with the app working as a catalyst.  

  3. Consumer to Consumer(C2C) or Person to Person(P2P) 

    There are many such examples that can support the idea of this on demand service app as there are many entrepreneurs who have their own apps for goods or services and the consumer can purchase goods directly from them. There are also examples of second-hand stores where a consumer trades their goods with other consumers.       

This division can be further broken down into different sectors of on demand service app: (take to part 2) (you will need content)

  1. Transportation(cabs)
  2. Ecommerce services
  3. Food delivery
  4. Medical on-demand app
  5. Self-beautification
  6. Household needs
  7. Laundry 
  8. Grocery on-demand
  9. Petcare
  10. Logistics
  11. Coaching/ tutors
  12. Intoxicating elements, etc.

The division of different sectors of an on demand service app

As we just discussed the different types of on demand service app that is functional in the market. We must also divide the same into fragments so that you can get an idea of the implementations. Different entrepreneurs have found their own ways to utilize these services via different apps.


As you might know, there are several on-demand cab services for booking cabs. But there are few apps that we know about and use it in our day to day life. Let me jog your memory a bit so that you can recollect these apps and how they can be used by us.

  1. Ola
    We must all know about Ola and what we can do using this on demand service app. We are actually able to do so many things using this app, like booking different types of cabs for our different uses. We are privileged to book from macro, mini, share, prime, luxury, and autorickshaw accordingly. We can also book rentals and schedule our ride according to our convenience.  

  2. Uber

    Uber is an on demand service app that is used for traveling to different places with a cost-worthy rate. Uber also provides you with certain classes to choose from like Uber pool, HireGo, Premier, UberXL, and Moto so that you can choose from the one you need then. There is also a rental option that allows you to book a cab for later.

  3. Ixigo   

    This is an on-demand cab service that will provide you with both the Ola and Uber apps so that you can compare in the same on demand service app and choose a ride that is best convenient for you. This on-demand taxi app is for saving the time that we take when we are switching between apps to check which ride is cheaper and faster to get.

  4. Meru 

     Meru is another on demand service app that helps its users to grab a cab showing them the estimated price and the exact meter for choosing the right price. Even Meru like the other cab services provides us with different options like local, rental, and outstation. This on demand service app lets us pick out the destination we want to visit and give us different car companies to choose from.

  5. Taxi Booking

    Taxi Booking is an app that will provide you with other apps that will help you choose from like. The options like Ola, Uber, Taxi for Sure, Meru, and SkyCabs will be present in this app you will be able to choose from any one of the services by looking at the prices of each app and carefully determining which one to ride.

  6. Gozo Cab

    This on-demand cab service is particularly for traveling intercity. Gozo will ask you to book a cab when you will be traveling from one city to another. You will also be able to schedule a ride at your convenience. This app will give you options for selecting the size of the car and whether it will be air-conditioned or not.

Bike Cabs 

Looking at the profit that car taxis have made, it is no way a bad idea to have the bikes do the same thing. There are times when we need to travel short distances and the cab services don’t show appropriate rates. This is the hour of need when you are alone, you need to travel fast and at a low cost. What should you do? There goes bike taxis helping you out, taking you to your destination without charging an extra penny. 

  1. Rapido  

    Rapido is one of the excellent examples of on-demand cab service that helps its users to find bikes near about showing them the estimated price. The special feature of this app is that it offers insurance in case of accidents. However, this is a reliable app that will take you anywhere(short-distance) faster than the cars as well as at a low cost.

  2. Bike Taxi   

    This app will show you a comparison of different bike cabs, listing their price and time to reach you. This on-demand cab service also provides promo codes for the same apps. This app will provide you with Baxi, Rapido, UberMoto, and Bikxie in the comparison list. When you see all the options it will be easy for you to choose.

  3. Bikewheelz

    It is an on-demand cab service that allows you to book a ride for bikes as well as cars. It provides you with three options to choose from a bike, sedan, and SUV. You can choose a vehicle according to your needs and pay a relevant amount for each.  

  4. Qira

    This on-demand cab service is like an all in one product. Qira provides you with three options ride, commercial and service. If you choose ‘ride’ you will be able to avail of a taxi feature. When you select the commercial service you will be able to use Qira as a delivery service for transporting goods from one place to another. The service option will provide you with different household services like electricians, plumbers, etc.

  5. Jugnoo

    Jugnoo is another on-demand cab service that lets you choose in between an autorickshaw and a bike. You will be able to choose one of them according to the destination you want to reach. This is definitely a convenient way of traveling when you are based in India.

  6. PykUpz Bike Taxi

    This on-demand cab service provides you with three options lift bike, lift car and bike taxi. You will be able to choose from any one of them looking at the purpose of your travel. These are the different options which will show you different cost structures for each and will ask you which one you prefer.    


There are times when you do not want to take a car or a bike that is when you look for buses. When you are traveling to your office then back home it is not relevant to travel by cab or a bike every day that is when you look for something that is more relevant and cost-efficient. When we talk about buses it means that sharing your transport option with several other people that also help in saving money and the environment right.

  1. Shuttl     

    Shutl is such an app that is going to provide you with bus service, all the way from your home to your office. With this on-demand service app, you will be able to reach your office safely, only contributing a little sum of money for the ride. This app will provide you with many amazing features like navigating to your location, refer and earn, track your ride, etc. This on-demand service app is safe and trusted which gives you the flexibility to ride by choosing slots and locations of your drop and pick up.  

  2. Easy Commute

    This on-demand service app is known for providing minibusses, shuttle rides. They claim that you will be able to cut 50% of your travel costs and you will have a comfortable ride from your office to your home. They will ask you about your pick up and drop location they promise to be on time so that you don’t get late. This app will allow you to track your ride rest assured You will reach your destination safely.

  3. Red Bus

    Red Bus allows you to book bus tickets online to your preferred location. The best thing about buses is that they are cost-efficient. Not only you can save your travel costs you can also enjoy the scene pleasure you travel through the country roads. This on-demand service app is not only one of the best services it also allows you to track your ride and board it without any hassles.  

  4. Zipgo

    With Zipgo you can safely travel to your daily destinations with being able to track your ride. This on-demand service app is one for those who are looking for a comfortable ride from their preferred locations to their optimum locations.

  5. Early Shuttle

    This on-demand service app will provide you with bus rides from your chosen location. Suppose you are in a mall later you need to attend movies elsewhere, you can book a ride at your chosen time and location. You will be able to track your ride as well as ride with ease and at a very low-cost.

  6. Kruze
    This on demand service app will provide you with a bus ride every day from your home to your office. This on-demand app will ask you to choose your location and allow you to track your ride. Again a bus ride is always cheaper and shuttle rides help to reduce the extra traffic in the city.

Pool Cars

How often have you left tired of riding with a huge group of people on a bus or a train and finally settled with the idea of moving to pool cars? I mean why not right when you can travel you a common group of people every day chatting about work drama. Well, this section is perfect for you to check out of the best carpool apps.  

  1. sRide

    This on-demand cab service is one that provides you with pool cars from your home to your office. This app allows you to find the nearest ride from your location to your home. This app will allow you to track your ride and reach to the best locations. sRide will not only provide you with pool cars it will also let you choose from the pool bikes which are nearby.

  2. Quick RIde  

    The Quick Ride is another carpool app that allows you to choose from the rides nearby to reach your office and travel back home. This is such an app that will allow you to reduce your cost in your daily travel. There will be no trouble in tracking your rides and boarding them safely.

  3. Aone

    This app provides you with the trusted ride tracking and allows you to board nearby cabs so that you don’t have to wait for a ride to finally arrive and take you home. This on-demand cab service has online payment like all the other apps I mentioned above and also allows you to chat with your driver.

  4. EcoRider

    This on-demand service app is an eco-friendly ride from your office to your home. This app follows the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which great as now you can save both your money and the environment. You will be able to track your ride and chat with your driver without the fear of being late.

  5. GoKid

    The increasing crime records have truly moved us and we all fear if our child is safe when we are sitting in our offices. Well, there is a way you can relax in your chairs while GoKid makes sure that your child safely reaches where they are headed off to. This app asks for the drop and pick-up locations then they send messages to the parents at each interval. 

  6. Car Sawaari

    This on-demand cab service app helps you to select a carpool or a car share for traveling to your chosen locations. Like all the other apps you will be able to track your ride and grab the nearest ride from your location. This is convenient as it saves you travel costs and lets you reach your locations faster.

On-demand Ambulances

Who knows when our destiny answers on someone with accidents. You can’t be unprepared for such situations. Having an on-demand ambulance app will help you to call the nearest ambulance. It is best when we don’t waste any time in such matters right. This section will give you an idea of the on-demand ambulance app.  

  1. VMEDO

    When we talk about all in one app this app has to come across you once. This on-demand ambulance app provides you with an array of features like support for an emergency, ambulance, first aid, blood donation, hospital, home healthcare, health insurance, pedometer, water reminder, activity tracker, weight manager and as an appointment reminder. 

  2. WB Ambulance 

    This on-demand ambulance app helps to record ambulances their conditions. So that they can be located by other people. When you are outside your house and you can help someone by listing ambulances then why not right.

  3. Meddco Ambulance  

    This is an on-demand ambulance app that helps offer ambulances for patients. This app will help you to get an ambulance as fast as possible. This app is a live location-based real-life ambulance service and an emergency alert system.

  4. Siren Ambulance 

     This on-demand ambulance app helps its users to find the nearest ambulance in India. This app helps you find an ambulance as soon as possible. This app will provide you with absolute accuracy and help their patients on the way to the hospital. 

  5. Ambus

    Ambus is an on-demand ambulance that has oxygen ventilators, paramedics, and body freezer. 


    This on-demand ambulance provides with ambulance service as per the emergency. When you register into you can set a location the ambulance will reach you, as you will be able to track its journey.  


This blog talks about the services where the user moves from Point A to Point B on the same day and has the basic division of the different types of on-demand cab services that exist. The next blog will deal with the service providers moving from Point A to Point B on the same day. I hope this article helped you to understand the different types of on-demand cab service apps.

That we can develop if you are interested in developing any of the above services. It is needless to say that we have already done some successful developments that have got excellent reviews in return. As we are one of the leading software development company and we are based in India, rest assured we will provide you with the best quality apps as well as it will be cost-effective.